Gravity Falls

A cartoon meant for kids but carries so many layers for that everyone can appreciate. This show is about twins that are sent to their great uncle Stan, or in their words, Grunkle Stan. Grunkle Stan lives in the small town of Gravity Falls somewhere in Oregon. There, in one summer, the twins go on adventures, solve mysteries and battle both the supernatural and the alien.

Twins, Dipper and Mabel are both fun and awesome apart and so much better together. Dipper is the inquisitive one that wants to find out whats going on in Gravity Falls. Mabel is the fun-loving one that wants everyone to be happy. She goes along with the adventures because it makes her brother happy. And their Grunkle Stan is a crochety old man with a secret.

The show only has two sesons, but they are two fantastic seasons. The first season mostly has standalone episodes while the second season really brings out the continuity and a plot arc. Each episode still sees the twins interact all manner of creatures from zombies to clones. The humor and style of the show pervades throughout, but for those looking deeper, there are some disturbing things going on.

This is a show with layers. Not trying to quote Shrek, but it is. They draw you in with the comedy and cuteness, then they get you with feelings and deep characterizations. And that’s not only the characters of the twins and grunkle Stan but also all of the side characters. Soos (more of a main character) is great. Wendy has a lot of moments. If you pay attention to the random townspeople, you can see what’s going on with them.

Each episode is packed full of action, fun times and strange new things. The show really wants you to get involved by hiding little things in the episodes for people to catch. And at the end of each episode they give you a code to figure out. The message isn’t usually too important, but some of them are. The show also gets quite dark at times, more so than I would have expected a kids show to get. They still never lose the exuberance of it all.

The finale was great. Over the top and full of a crazy scary villain, I am sad to see the show end. I actually only discovered it around the time when the first part of the finale was coming out. That meant I got to watch almost all of the show with no hiatus in between. It was great.


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