Not the first R-rated superhero movie, but the funnest and most awesome. I know Deadpool from the recent game but not from the comics, and I am sold on his crazy, fourth-wall breaking style. This movie has all Deadpools personality and quirks that the version in X-men Origins: Wolverine had. I heard Ryan Reynolds pushed for this movie and I am glad he did. This movie is the one that does the character right.

I don’t think this movie could have worked without all of the dirty jokes, cursing and over the top violence, so I am glad they decided to go with all of it. Embrace it, enjoy it. There are a lot of references to older X-men movies, Ryan Reynolds, a lot of things really.

The action scenes as Deadpool are great. And one great thing about a character that regenerates is that you can have your enemy minions be kind of competent and hit the hero from time to time. Deadpools costume looks spot on here.

The side characters are all fun and light-hearted. The dynamic between Deadpool and Colossus, and Deadpool and Negasonic Teenage Warhead is great. And I’d like to think the writers picked a mutant with the most ridiculous name and then wrote the scenes around that for Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

The plot of the movie, while simple and straightforward, is still really good. The movie knows when to be silly and when to be serious, and it does both parts really well. And not every movie needs to be overly complex. Just Deadpool it up to the full Deadpoolingest potential is more than enough.


Plot spoilers follow. But to summarise, Deadpool is a great action film, and it makes me really happy that it’s doing well, especially for Ryan Reynolds who had failed at the superhero stuff before. The film has action, comedy, drama, all done well and properly. Now on to some spoilery thoughts.

This movie is more along the lines of John Wick. You know the goal, and you know the hero is going to kill everything that stands in the way of him getting to that goal. There’s no real twists or turns, but there’s no need for any. Simplicity can be good. And that also means its a superhero movie without any world-ending stakes.

It’s hilarious that while the bad guy is undeniably so, you never see any results of what he’s been doing. This is Deadpool’s story, not his evil plot story. And his evil plot is really just making money. And I really like how much Ajax doesn’t seem to mind anything that’s going on, even when he’s stabbed into a wall. I know he doesn’t feel anything, but it’s still amusing to watch.

Deadpool and Colossus is a real highlight just because of how wholesome Colossus wants to be. It’s like he doesn’t realize what kind of movie he’s in. I like the scene where Negasonic Teenage Warhead attacks Angel because at that time, it feels like Deadpool ha no idea what her actaul mutant powers are. He’s just hoping she does something great. Deadpool’s relationship with Vanessa is also done really well, with a few lampshade hangings on female characters thrown in.

Just one thing, Deadpool. Stop forgetting your heavy firearms! Man! Geeze!


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