The Expanse, Season Finale

Syfy has been doing really great with their shows recently. I didn’t watch them until this past year, and they put out a lot of fun and great stuff. I would consider the Expanse a mangum opus of the new show launches. It is sci fi to the max, a space story that is yet grounded in trouble and characters just trying to make it.

First, though, and I will admit to it that The Expanse is too serious of a show for me to fully get into. It’s usually a lower priority on my watching list even though I still think it is absolutely fantastic. The show is grim and characters hardly crack a genuine smile. No one is really friends, just forced to stay together due to circumstances.

However, the visuals of the show are fantastic. The space ships, the space colonies, all a sort of grungy, slummy look. Of course there are nice areas, too, though I question the apartments with apparent glass walls, unless their some sort of reflective glass on the outside. There are a few Earth scenes, though you don’t really get a feel for how its different from currently. The only places you see are fancy meeting places, really.

The opening to the Expanse is gorgeous. One of the best I’ve seen on recent television.

Anyway, while the tone of the show isn’t what I usually go for, everything the Expanse sets out to do, it does it wonderfully. This really is a show you should binge watch. Single episodes advance the plot slowly. You get a real feel for how each character thinks and feels. The plot is split between three lines that all intersect around a mysterious science experiment.

The characters of the Canterbury really shine. Amos, especially, can be really chilling with his general calmness all throughout, and it’s not like he’s in control. He has a sort of he’ll be fine because he’s going to kill everyone that gets in his way, calmness. The Canterbury crew mostly deals with the struggle of surviving in space, being small fish with tons of sharks around. I was most invested in their plotline because it felt like they had a tangible goal of not getting screwed over at every turn.

Miller, from the investigation plotline, shows a lot of space station life. I like the small details of how people look different from growing up on low or no gravity places. The third plotline is on Earth, dealing with how Earth is reacting to all that’s going on in space. Both of these deal with relationships between people on Earth, people on Mars and people living in space.

The season finale for the show is fantastic. I definitely enjoyed it the most out of any episode. It probably helps that the action is turned up considerably and the different plot lines really start to collide.

If you want an excellent science fiction show, The Expanse is the one to watch.


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