Kung Fu Panda 3

Kung Fu Panda is back, and it is still awesome. This time, Po journeys to the secret panda village and tries to teach them so they can defeat the evil Kai. Not at all spoilers. This was all in the trailers.

Speaking of trailers, though, they sometimes do shift what I think about certain scenes in the film. I try not  to consider the trailers, but sometimes it still creeps in. This movie has a prime example of the trailer making a scene worse in the actual film. And that scene was the justice is served one. Since we all know the punchline from the trailers, the entire four minute sequence in the film just feels too long. If we didn’t know the punchline, then that part might have been enjoyable to go through.

Four out of the Furious Five continue to be mostly there to say a line every once and again. (The ones not Tigress if you didn’t know). I’m glad they at least got a few of their scenes not related to Po. I know it’s tough getting them all in there since this is Po’s movie, needs to be under 90 minutes or so, and they need to set up the villain. Still, I think they’re all really interesting characters that are worth more than just being in the background.

The plot of this movie is overall more goofy. I mean, most of the panda’s are just goofy in their own way. Only Po’s father was really played seriously and given and serious scenes. While the film is more light-hearted, they still throw in several solemn scenes, mostly relating to Po’s real dad and his adoptive dad. I’m really glad that Po’s adoptive father has a bigger role. He’s a pretty good character and you can feel his worries greatly.

The villain, while not as dark as Shen, is alright. I’ll mostly remember him for those cool chain blades, but he shows that while he’s horrible at getting people to take him seriously, he is a real force to be reckoned with.

This movie is still great and awesome, and it makes the Dragon Warrior thing make a lot more sense compared to the first movie, where the Dragon Warrior is just a guardian of that one valley.

And I’ll say this spoiler now, but perhaps people really want to know. The female panda introduced in the trailers does not appear to be Po’s love interest. Tigress/Po is not yet over!


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