Galavant, Season 2 Finale

Galavant is such an awesome show. It needs more love and views. This season is better than the first in terms of characters and story. The musical numbers are the same great and awesome as always. This season is much more self-aware, too, constantly breaking the 4th wall.

Galavant is a musical comedy extravaganza about the hero known as Galavant. In season one, we left with the group all split up with Galavant paired with Richard, Sid with Madalena and Gareth, Isabella trapped in a marriage with her cousin. Chef, Gwynne, the jester and the old King and Queen are also there.

The plot then picks up with a bit of each of their stories with the frequent great musical number. New additions include a childhood friends of Richard’s and the wedding planner for Isabella. (To be clear, they are different people). Both of them are fine additions to the cast. Roberta (Richard’s childhood friend) feels like the most serious character on the show, but she doesn’t clash with the style at all and adds greatly to Richard while being interesting to watch herself.

The new season brings about new character dynamics, which I think is a real strong point of the show. You really want to see how each character interacts with each other character. And even though the groups you love from the first season have all been split up, the new groups are just as fun to watch.

Somehow, they made Richard, an incompetent tyrant king, into one of the best characters of the show. Aside from the first season villain, Kingsley, the other villains of the show are all fun and quirky. You don’t really want them to lose.

The second season also does not just shift everything with the sudden introduction of a menacing bad guy, though I suppose without Kingsley, the great setup to the second season would never have happened. But the progression of what happens is great.

This show is funny, musical and when the main theme of Galavant came back, you can just feel the awesome. Galavant needs a third season, please. You’re not going to show anything else during the winter break, so Galavant.


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