Legends of Tomorrow

This will cover the first two episodes even though this will be up after the third episode airs. And this won’t be a full review, just a few of my targeted thoughts on certain parts of the show.

From the first episode, is the villain just super powerful compared to 9(!) guys with both super technology and mystical powers? And I’m not just talking Vandal Savage but the bounty hunter guy, too. All 9 of them could do is just barely escape against one guy. I mean, Firestorm seems super powerful. The ice and fire guns should be decently effective. An power suit that shoots lasers and shrinks can do more. I didn’t see Arrow or Flash, but were those people that ineffective there, too?

I know they are not used to working together, but at their level, pure dakka should be enough to push back a single guy.

Second episode where we get the entire team fighting. That was a huge mess. I felt that each shot lacked continuity. There were no bodies on the floor, no chaos from everywhere else. The fighting should not be so random and chaotic. It should be organized but disguised to be wild. And also, the fire and ice guns seem barely effective. I did not see one ice cube after the entire thing.

There should be a progression. We should get an idea of how many enemies there are and see them get whittled down.  It just seems like there is exactly enough enemies for everyone to keep busy and be unable to be useful somewhere else.

Cool show with fun concepts and characters, but the fighting really needs to be stepped up. Just because you have 8 to 9 of them doesn’t mean you get the chance to be sloppy. The fights should be flowing. I not be able to splice them in any order and still have it make just as much sense as when they showed it.

Mild spoilers. That twist in the first episode was fantastic.

And those were my thoughts specifically about the fighting of the show.


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