Planes and Planes: Fire and Rescue

So, I recently watched both of these films since they were on TV. I found cars adorable. Who knew living cars with eyes for windshields could be that cute? The larger eyes really work wonders for their design and conveniently hide what’s actually inside the vehicles.

Anyway, Planes is set in the same world, but now about planes, a crop duster named Dusty, specifically. He wants to be a racing plane and joins the race around the world after some training from an older, experienced and not flying anymore plane.

The plot is pretty standard. You can most likely guess what happens just when each character is introduced. But those planes are cute, especially the Mexican racer. Still, there’s the bad guy racer that’s arrogant and wants to win at all costs. The initial dislike towards Dusty since he’s not an actual racing plane. Him gaining respect of his peers.

There’s also the fallout between Dusty and his mentor. All of the stuff is here. But I still think the world of cars is just really interesting. I’m pretty sure I saw stairs somewhere even though everyone has wheels! What’s up with that?

Of course at the end, Dusty wins. It’s a fun, simple film.

Planes: Fire and Rescue, I enjoyed this one much more. It’s the first movie of this world not based around racing. And it covers a pretty cool subject of fighting forest fires and the strategies involved. Mostly contain first and then work on putting it out later.

The characters are all so designed around archtypes, though. Not that I find that’s a bad thing, especially in kid’s films. They can learn and get used to certain types of characters while having a lot of fun watching firefighting action with planes.

The locations are not as exotic since Dusty’s just staying in one national park. The fire effects are pretty good, though. Really intense. The world of Cars always seems to get away with some pretty horrifying injuries based on the fact that the objects are cars and planes. In Fire and Rescue, someone gets burned badly enough that their paint starts to boil. Can you imagine if that was skin? It really makes situations feel more serious and dire when stuff like that happens.

Planes and Planes: Fire and Rescue are nice diversions that build on the world of cars. I just really like seeing Cars version of all popular cities and landmarks. Its pretty cool seeing everything adapted for use with vehicles.

Fun, if standard, movies.


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