Mad Max, Fury Road

I have wanted to see this for a while, and I finally did! It really reminds me of John Wick. A simple, but poignant plot and a lot of great action, only Mad Max is with cars and insane people.

I really enjoy just how little they tell in the movie. There’s no bantering. Every line of dialogue is meant to explain something. Max, particularly, tends to just grunt in the beginning instead of talking. It really takes him a lot of time to open up, and he’s arguably not the main character of the film. He’s just the wanderer that goes to a place, witnesses their struggle and maybe helps out a bit.

Furiousa is the one that really has past connections to the main bad guy, Immortan Joe. She’s also the one actively trying to defy him  and causes the whole movie. She’s driving a truck full of things Immortan Joe wants. They are on a road. Everyone is furious.

This movie is just hich octane ridiculousness all the way, with a few quiet and creepy scenes along the way. But really, just the culture of the Warboys is really fun to watch. They are brainwashed deathseekers of the most awesome caliber. Quite a few of them get great scenes too, and are shown to be pretty badass. The pole guys are really cool.

This movie is just cool fun action at its core. Driving through badlands with cobbled together cars leaving a trail of death and destruction. Who doesn’t like that? I sure enjoyed it greatly.

If they do do a sequel, I wonder if they’ll just stick with Max in a new place and not have any of the old characters. Might be for the best.


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