The Shadow Hunters, Premiere

The Shadow Hunters, an urban fantasy where monsters and magic are tangled up with the normal world, and the namesake shadow hunters stop them from hurting humans. Still have not read the book, but I have seen the movie. So I will do some comparisons just because it’s impossible to get out of my mind.

As far as the actors are concerned, I don’t have a preference of one over the other. I liked Clary’s acting in the show, though, especially her panicked searching of her apartment. Effects wise, of course the movie is going to be better. The CGI monsters, though, I wonder if, since they are so humanoid in shape, could be better served by having suits and costumes. And I’m saying that after watching some Face Off, so I know there can be really great-looking stuff.

I am alright with sparkles instead of blood in the fight scenes. I’m glad there/s something spraying out. It makes the combat feel more impactful, even if the swords acted like laser blades that just passed through people.

I am really starting to harp on fight scenes full of quick cuts and jerky camera movement. I know why they are used (to hide them not actually wanting to hurt actors and actors that don’t have great martial arts ability), but it’s just unfortunate that it looks so unclear. This show isn’t bad, but it’s not good about it either. Just sort of in the middle.

One thing I liked more in the show than the movie is Luke telling Valentine’s men that he doesn’t care about Clary. In the show, it’s much more believable when he’s not tied up to a chair at a massive disadvantage in the whole situation.

What I thought was unnecessary was the flashback to young Clary. I think Magnus would be fine introduced just as a mysterious guy without knowing if he was friend or foe. And already a gratuitous chest shot. I’m not sure of the book, but movie Simon was a more adorkable type. The show also seems to follow that same type, but when the adorkable character has the shirtless scene and abs, just dang.

As for the other changes from the original book stories? (Which I’m assuming that the movie version was more faithful) I don’t mind it at all. Don’t know the original book so changes like that don’t bother me. It might upset fans, though, since a lot of stuff has changed. The institue is all high tech and full of people now, which does kinda sap the atmosphere of the show.

Well, let’s see how the rest of the series shapes up. Seems to be about par with the movie right now.


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