The Chronicles of Shannara, Premiere

You know, I realized I haven’t done a premiere video in a while when I was typgin in my tags and the premiere option popped up as one of my previous entries. So let’s start it up again with the Chronicles of Shannara, a fantasy show based on the Shannara series by Terry Brooks. The second (or is it third since the first episode was a double episode?) will be out by the time this is up, but I haven’t seen it as of writing this.

This show appears to be based on a post-apocalyptic future. This isn’t really a spoiler since they show Earth in the opening title and several old modern (our modern, not their modern) structures overgrown with plants. Dunno how that’s going to play in if at all. Otherwise, this show is fantasy with druids, elves, mad-max trolls and more.

I have not read the books so I won’t be doing any comparisons. In general, I find I enjoy the film/television adaptations more if I don’t know the source material. Usually, I’ll go check out the books afterwards.

Anyway, Chronicles of Shannara starts of feeling kind of teen drama-y. It’s not what I’m particularly looking for in my fantasy. Still, the other parts were interesting. Will and Allanon traveling together was nice, getting to see that old druid keep. The tree, Ellcrys, looks really nice and it was just nasty when it starts getting sick.

What I am hoping for are good fights with the demons. So far, there hasn’t been any huge action showings, just the horror of finding the aftermath. After playing a lot of Dark Souls, I kinda hope for those kind of deliberate slow slashes as giant demons chase after them. With some magic thrown in, maybe.

Still, the concept is really interesting. Tree locking away all of the monsters, and now they’re all coming back? Time to race to save the world. The first episode was mostly setup mixed with teen drama. I am hoping Allanon isn’t the mentor type that eventually dies. He’s great. I’ll need to see the other characters in action more before I pass judgment on them.

Still, this is a pure (post-apocalyptic) fantasy show, so I’m going to watch it since I really enjoy the genre. Sy-fy is pumping out a lot of great sci-fi shows. I hope someone pushes out a lot of pure fantasy shows. An alright start that’s going to keep me watching for a while more at least. Let’s see how future episodes go!


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