The Librarians, Season Finale

Yes, the magical artifact show is back! The first season was great, and I was really happy to hear a second. And I think there’s going to be a third, too. Fantastic!

The first season finale was one of my favorite things ever in just how every other episode from the season became important. The second season finale wasn’t quite that way, though it was still fun and magical. While I thought it was a bit confusing and probably could have used a two-parter, the rest of the season was great.

There were episodes that focused on each character, and apparently Cassandra has math vision just as a normal ability now.

I did want the theme of fictionals to carry on more through the episodes. They were really only in the opening. It would have been cool for the librarians to face off against so many other characters, especially those that have been changed by modern movies. I liked original Frankenstein’s monster a lot. Moriarty was a fun character. He has that sort of you don’t know whether to trust him or not feel. It was cool how his attempts to help came with pre-judgment by the Librarians just because of the book character of Moriarty.

My favorite episode would have to be the one where they were trapped in a time loop. It was just really tough to watch and shows that even a time loop can be really damaging to the one person that remembers it. That episode was really great all around from everyone.

As for the main villain, I wanted him in more episodes. In the first season, DuLoch was around more being a pain. In this season, it’s mostly Moriarty engaging the heroes rather than Prospero. Noah Wyle is in the show more, I think. I wonder if he’ll become a main cast member in the third season? I don’t know if that would be good or bad since we have an established team and he has repeatedly shown to be more comfortable working alone. I’m fine having him around for the big happenings, though.

The show is still a fun mixture of mythology, original ideas and character interaction. The Librarians team is just great from their banter with each other to their reactions to all of the weird thing happening around them. They panic is a badass way if such a thing is possible. The individual cases are just as fun and interesting as the first season with some high dramatic points thrown in.

I can’t wait for more Librarians.


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