iZombie, Winter Finale

Super late, but here it is.

Aww yeah, iZombie. This will somewhat be spoiler free. I really enjoyed iZombie in the first season and the second season is doing great. It follows Liv as she continues to struggle with the problems of being a zombie, especially now that both her best friend and her boyfriend knows about it. There is plenty of drama in between the characters, some that come from the new enemy of the season, Max Rager. Blaine is still kicking around, too.

So this has everything from the first season turned up. The fun part of each episode is still Liv on various brain personalities. This time, though, the brains seem to have a much greater effect. It might seem like just taking things a step too far, but it is also a source of a lot of problems that Liv now gets lost more in the brains she eats.

Clive is still fun to watch and just how much he avoids any of the strangeness happening around, especially how he rolls with whatever Liv is doing at the time. They are some of my favorite parts of the show.

One complaint I do have is how Liv’s family just drops off again after a scene in the beginning. Sure, the season is only half over, but the still only come in when it’s convenient. It’s the same complaint I had about the brother in the first movie. His going to work at Meat Cute happens at the speed of plot, especially assuming Liv’s cases happen at once per week.

Still, Liv and the other main characters are all great, and the overall plot going on is fun, too. iZombie is still fun to watch. They can throw as many ridiculous brains to live as they got.


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