Childhood’s End

The Syfy miniseries based on the book Childhood’s End! I haven not read the original books, which means I don’t be doing any comparisons. I must say that I’ve never been into Sci-fi’s shows, but as of recently, Syfy has been putting out a lot of great and fun stuff. Childhood’s End is different but still compelling to watch.

The show is divided up into three two-hour episodes. This is a more slow-burning kind of show that meant to be contemplative about what might happen if aliens suddenly came and solved all the world’s problems. The first episode builds up a lot of mystery on who the Overlords are and especially what they look like. There’s also the overall running theme of what do they actually want? Do they have humanity’s best interest in mind? Well, the answer is so far beyond that.

The tone is somber, and it works well. I think overall the pacing was fine, but I heard that the show added a lot of love interest scenes. Some of them worked, I could do without others. I’m sorry Goergina Haig, you’re great, but I wasn’t feeling the hotel room scenes all that much.

The human reactions are interesting to see and the show displays a wide range of possible actions. Would it be what actually happens? Who knows. It seems probable, though.

the third episode is really when things get crazy and we get to explore the Overlords a bit more. I really wanted that section to be longer. As for the ending, I will leave it to you to find out. I thought it was great in the sense that it was a great conclusion to everything that happened on the show.

This show is a slow, contemplative thing on the role humanity has on the planet and what would happen if all of that was suddenly taken away. I enjoyed it.


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