Into the Badlands, Season finale

This show is all, like, I want kung fu, but I also want it to be in some kind of post-apocalyptic future. What are we going to do about the guns? Ban them all. And the, awesome kung fu everywhere.

Wirework wuxia style kung fu is fun to watch, and I am glad that there is a show doing it. No one cares about kungs when people can leap up to the second floor of a building or throw shurikens with great accuracy across a field. And it’s great. The actions scenes are fantastically fun. I wish they would do more longer shots, though. I mean, I’ve been spoiled a bit by John Wick that does a lot of long shots with their fighting, though this show also has more inhuman moves about.

The world they developed is really interesting, too. It’s gone back to the days of serfdom where barons own large plots of land that people work. The barons all have a personal kung-fu force known as the clippers, and one of our protagonists, Sunny, is the best clipper in the land. That means you get to see Sunny kick a lot of ass.

The other main character, M.K., is a boy from a mysterious place outside of the Badlands. His arrival sets into the motion the plan for Sunny to leave the Badlands. Of course the baron he works for won’t allow it. And the baron is busy fighting the other four barons in a struggle for power.

Quinn, Sunny’s baron, has the most delightful way of speaking, even if he is extremely cruel. In fact, the three baron’s that have showed up so far have all been exciting.

Why, oh why was this season so short? I really wanted more because everything in the show feels novel. I’m not saying it’s never been done before, I’m saying it hasn’t been done recently in that combination. Guns would just turn the show into any other. The kung-fu even has it’s own mythology. There are even monks that have not been fully explored yet.

The plot is alright, too, but I’m mostly here for the martial arts, even that magical fighting that has been thrown in there. It would be cool if there were more styles of fighting, and maybe even more weapon specialists. Just imagine the character possibilities within this show.

The world of the Badlands is populated by colorful and outrageous characters. It has great action scenes, an interesting setting and potential mythology that has been laid out. that last episode was such a cliffhanger. The show needs a second season, and hopefully a longer one.


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