Limitless, Winter Finale

This is for the new TV show, not the movie. I still have not seen the movie, so I won’t be making any comparisons to that. Now, Limitless is like a whole lot of other crime procedurals. Have one out there guy, this time due to the NZT drug, and have him work with an official organization, in this case, the FBI. And of course the main character is the one that avoids all the proper procedures when doing things, but because he gets things done, he stays around.

This time, it’s Brian Finch, man that had nothing much going on in his life until he stumbles upon NZT, a drug that turns his mind super. And thankfully for everyone else, he’s a great, fun-loving guy that would much rather use NZT to help people than anything else.

And this show is fun. Sometimes, I think that’s the main purpose of the episodes more than anything. It reminds of my Psych a lot of the time. The episodes get their own mini-themes and it brings about a different feel each time, though always aimed towards fun.

It is mostly a case of the week type show with a bit of mixing it up. The ongoing plots are usually the most serious parts of the show. Thus far, there are three of them ranging from Brian Finch’s dad to Rebecca’s boyfriend. The last one actually ties into the movie! I never seen the movie, yet I think it is fantastic to set it up in the same world with the movie character coming in. That one hasn’t gone too far, yet. It’ll probably be the season long thing.

Sure, it might be a procedural, but I enjoy those kinds of shows, and Limitless is really fun. Brian is just a happy guy that’s enjoying his time as the FBI’s research subject.


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