Supergirl, Winter Finale

It’s strange. I don’t think I’ve ever seen much of Supergirl in the cartoons, and I certainly don’t read the comics, but I was really looking forward to this show. I guess Superman, but a girl, really does sell that easily. And I really do like female main characters.

So I will not be comparing this to the comics at all since I don’t know much about Supergirl from the comics.

This show can be hit or miss, but it hits hard when it connects. It just needs to hit so more often than it does now. But more on that in the spoiler section.

This show does push the feminist views. It was a bit much in the first episode, but I think the other episodes do it better. It becomes more about how Supergirl learns and grows into being a hero isntead of her being a female hero. I also think Melissa Benoist is wonderful at Supergirl. She brings the right amount of adorkableness and happiness, yet when she is angry, it is just scary.

There are some stuff that doesn’t completely mesh on the show. Superman at times seems forced in, but most of the time he’s fine. The fights, though, they could be much better. It might be TV budget and actors that are not experienced in it, but the fights overall are not all that interesting. I hope as Supergirl grows, so does their fight budget. They do way too many jump cuts.

Aside from Supergirl, the other actors are alright. I’m pretty alright with Jimmy being a cool guy. The show does give him moments that shows he’s only this way after a lot of growing. Cat is a real highlight, though. I am surprised that she’s become one of my favorite characters, especially after the first episode where she just seems to be an overmean boss.

Maxwell Lord is also a fun character to watch. I just really hope the Superman parallels don’t turn him into Supergirl’s Lex Luthor. Come on, show, this doesn’t need everything from Superman.

The show does Supergirl really good, the struggle and growth she has in each episode is done well. The actual resolution can feel weak at times, though. I’m going to continue watching, though. The midseason finale really kicks things up, and I hope it continues in that quality.

Spoiler section

Wow, Supergirl blasting Red Tornado apart was my favorite scene of the season. And if this show had the budget, I would have really liked the winter finale’s fight scenes. As it was, the winter finale was still great! It’s a multi-parter and comes with a bunch of action. Maxwell Lord is still awesome just facing down an alien attack squad like it was nothing.

More of the big plot like that. Don’t have the main villain disappear for several episodes at a time, have them be a constant threat. I am certain they will explore the dynami between Supergirl and her aunt more, and that is great. It makes both of them more interesting.


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