Once Upon a Time, Winter Finale

Once Upon a Time, my favorite Disney/fairytale mashup story around. This season, they are going into Merlin and the Dark One! After the second half of last season, they really had to deliver with Merlin. I’ll give you more thoughts about that in my spoilers section later down.

I’ve only started watching the show since season 4. This season feels about the same. Introduce Disney character, give them some back story and tie them into the running plot going on the town. This time, though, there is no Savior. She has turned dark with a most ridiculous getup. Rumple looks cool. Emma just looks kind of angsty as the dark one. Though to be fair, she probably is really angsty.

This show suffers a similar problem I have with Sleepy Hollow, and that is it provides too easy of a magical solution to problems. I can forgive this show more, though, because it is fairy tale based and that the magial solutions are not the main point of the show, the long running character plots are. The magical stuff is just a convenient way for the writers to get what they want to happen. Hey, I’m guilty of doing that, too. As long as the resolution is satisfying, I’m alright with it.

Now, was the resolution satisfying? Partially. But this show still has the same charm and feel from the previous season, and I just really like seeing all of the disney characters interact with each other. And the show still does have several great moments that stand out during the season. I just really want the good guys to be smarter.

Now, onto the spoilers part of the review. Stop here if you want to see for yourself.

The villain for the first half of the season is Arthur, as in King Arthur. I feel he was alright. He tried to get in the way of the heroes, though really, he does have a point about the heroes standing against him. He’s just not all that effective, though. Almost every encounter he has with the heroes ends with him losing and being bailed out by someone else.

He does have one of the great moments of the season though. It happens when he gets the dust that fixes things. Somehow, it also means he can “fix” his kingdom, turning it from a collection of huts to an awesome castle. Just having Camelot appear out of nowhere was a real, Whoa, moment for me.

Still, his plot has been left unsolved. Arthur is still running around while the heroes go off to save one of their own from the underworld. It would be so great if once the heroes come back they find that Storybrook has been turned into New Camelot, and Merida and Lancelot are leading the rebellion.

Onto the winter finale, I enjoyed it right up until Rumple being Rumple. Character development just can’t stick to that guy. He’s like teflon. As long as every other character stops trying to help him, that I would be okay with.

I am interested in the next half-season’s plot. It might be a big excuse to see a lot of old characters, but it’s fun! And I really like fun shows.


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