Sleepy Hollow, Winter Finale

Oh this happened a while ago. I forgot to make a post about it until now.

Despite having a sort of restart (getting rid of old characters, changing the Abbie’s job), this show, it seems to be stuck to being far too formulaic. While other shows are having snappy episodes with longer arcs, this show still tries to do the monster wof the week style while having about 5 minutes dedicated to a larger plot. Those 5 minutes are not enough, especially when I think the monsters of the week are too easily dealt with. It also took far too long before the big picture was revealed.

I still find the monsters creepy, and the show gives them the uncanny effect. Some are better than others, but for the most part, I like the monsters. Unfortunately, they are pretty much all dealt with the same way, by finding some old information with flashbacks to that time.

I think it’s fun, but it needs to change it up. My favorite episode would have to be the one with the berserkers just because the magical solution the main characters found didn’t work. They needed to improvise and come up with their own plan to deal with them.

Another thing that adds to the formula stype of the show is it pretty much always opens in on Crane harping on about modern life or not being used to modern life. I do like him playing video games, though, and he is going out into the world more, which is great.

The first season, everything was fun and fresh, but it’s been three seasons now where most of the episodes follow the same thing. Some shows can do the case of the week stuff, but Sleepy Hollow has such an interesting concept that it feels wasted on that style of show.

Also, I totally hope the headless horseman comes back, since he’s got to be Crane’s final enemy. Just got to.

Of course I’m still going to watch. I still like the characters and the monsters are cool.


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