Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Winter Finale

Oh man, this show. Just this show. It keeps on getting better. I will keep spoilers to a minimal, but this show has really grown into its own. The ride picked up speed starting in the second half of season one and it just hasn’t slowed. What I really like is that this is a look at how a secret organization operates and all of the tough calls that it entails. They want to do the right thing but don’t always know how.

Also, they show Shield as being really proactive to bad guys instead of just reactive. Shield will go to you if they can find you, and they can probably find you. They engage in actual missions with planning and spy stuff.

This season starts out with a bang and lots of new inhuman stuff! They introduce some more original characters while also giving out some comic characters, and it all works so well together. The first half of the season already ran through so many plotlines from Ward (of course) to inhuman trouble to other government agencies. Each episode is just packed and it is tense that they will leave you on a spot where you want to know more.

Also, I enjoyed Hunter before, but I am liking him more and more. I think it’s just the way he gives praise. If he feels you deserve it, he goes whole heartedly without a hint of his usual sarcasm. Daisy with her new powers are great, too, and Mac and her work together really well. I’m glad that Mac’s partner is an inhuman.

This show really shows what it’s like for normal people to deal with the sort of stuff that super heroes deal with. The people get scarred, both physically and mentally, but they come back stronger because of it. But then they have to face even greater challenges. Still great after 2 seasons, and the next half season looks to have a most dangerous foe.


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