Scream Queens

The newest horror/comedy show around! Though it’s more comedy then horror, which is why I enjoy it. It is full of absurd characters and even crazier situations and is my favorite new show of this year. It’s out of the stuff I watched, of course, but still, I really like this.

This show strikes the tone more towards silly, but when every character is just as crazy, it works. However, that leaves the straight woman of the show a bit boring. Grace has a more usual story arc that, while interesting, is not when put up against everyone else’s crazy. Even Zayday, the other straight woman has some quirks.

The Chanels, as a group, are the best thing I’ve seen this year. I wish I had a posse like that. They are so dysfunctional, yet they work really well together as it’s shown several times. They fight and make up really quickly all while looking super stylish and being totally bitchy. The group shots where they just judge silently are great. I’ll admit #5 is my favorite one out of the group. She’s just so adorable and picked on.

Denise Hemphill is the second best thing on the show and Chad Radwell is the third. They are consistently entertaining, never losing that awesomeness even in the face of a killer.

Now for the character of Chanel, she is like a roller coaster where the base level is her regular unpleasant self. Every time she learns a lesson or gets some character development, it’s like a slow hill climb, but you know there’s a drop coming, and it comes fast. I kept on hoping she would change, but if that happened, she would be far less entertaining, so I’m torn.

Still, this show is funny and quick with the wierdness. It builds up a nice cast of characters that all play their part well. You really don’t want any of the main female cast members to die, even if most of them are despicable.

The male characters tend to err on the more subdued side, but the creepy, stalky kind of subdued. This is a show that tries to make everyone seem like they could be the killer.

Now, on to some minor spoilers. I’ll leave out most things about the final episode, but I’ll mention it a bit. Stop here if you want to experience the fun that is Scream Queens.

Alright. So remember how I said that they try to cast suspicion on everyone? It gets to the point of being ridiculous. Characters just have these quirks. For the first twelve episodes, the show does a really good job of keeping you guessing. The reveal at the end is suitably ridiculous, but does leave a few loose ends. I would say it could be better.

There’s no final showdown with the killer and more than one main character lives through the ending. That’s fine with me since I would be sad if season 2 came around and most of my favorite built up characters were no longer in it.

Overall, not as fun of an ending, but very fun season over the course with great characters.


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