Castle, Winter Finale

I forgot to do a post about this. Well, I suppose it is a crime of the week type show. This is going to be a bit shorter than usual.

So, after seasons of will they or won’t they, the show decides to break up Castle and Beckett again. And then to be extra cruel to Castle, Beckett is still around doing the same things. Seriously, happy couples are okay.

I enjoyed every character but Beckett, but I usually enjoy watching her less due to how she is the more serious of the group. Alexis was great. I like her helping out with the cases and I wish it would happen more in the second half of the season. Haley was also fun, and her mentoring/friendship with Alexis might make Alexis really competent at sleuthing.

Esposito and Ryan are always nice to watch, and I still enjoy how Castle (the character, not the show) plays off both of them. Those two have not lost a step at all, even when they were bickering.

I did not see Castle’s mother as much, but I suppose she’s the same as always. It might be nice to get more of her acting career in the show. Or it might drag along, I dunno.

So yeah, never found watching Beckett as fun as the others, and she’s even less so when actively trying to avoid Castle, the one that brings out everyone’s fun side. It seemed to have resolved by the winter finale, though, which sort of made the whole breakup feel meandering and pointless, solely there to annoy the watchers. Let’s see how the next half does.


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