Gotham, Winter Finale

Whoa, Gotham, whoa.

Last season of Gotham was a bit all over the place with too many storylines and seemingly contractual appearances by characters. This season, though, is so much better. Cat actually has a lot of things to do, Nygma is starting to turn to a villain. It’s great.

I like the new original villain of Theo Galavan more than Fish. I think it’s because he’s a nemesis to Bruce and Jim instead of Penguin, though he’s also a nemesis of Penguin. He just gets under everyone’s skin. He also seems to have more happening and his plans pretty much almost brings Gotham under his control.

This season is much more focused with an overarching storyline that’s both grim and ridiculous at the same time. I really like how the show just has fun with overblown characters. They take things seriously to a comic-book-like degree.

Jim and Bullock is still great. I am enjoying the different philosophy of the Gotham PD, even though it may or may not be effective. It keeps the police room interesting now that Jim isn’t in danger of being sacked at any given moment.

Okay, so start spoilers for the season. If you don’t want any, go watch Gotham.

So, you know how the GPD has a new philosophy? That’s because they have a new captain, and that’s because the old captain died. I really liked Essen, but the new captain (played by Michael Chiklis) is pretty interesting as well. He’s by the book to the point of being detrimental as Gotham is way to corrupt for that.

And Penguin, this show makes you feel and root for him after what happened to him this season. I would do so even if he wasn’t a well-known Batman villain, and that’s thanks to just getting to know him over the course of this season and the previous season. He’s also always fun to watch. The march of the penguins scene was awesome.

Jerome’s death was also fantastically done. One person has such an impact that it leaves affects all sorts of people. And that grin just locked there is creepily great.

I’m not sure where they’re going with Barbara, but I do hope Jim stays with Leslie. That’s about all I’ll say on that subject.

One thing I would change is to have Tabitha and Silver have more of a relationship. In the last episode, she betrays Theo because he’s being awful to Silver, yet I don’t think the two have ever had any meaningful interaction before that. It just comes out of nowhere. A bit more between them earlier on would be great.

That Bruce rescue scene, though, that was the best thing. Just to see the main characters marchine forward armed to the teeth, working together, it’s too much fun contained in one shot.

So, first half of season 2 of Gotham, much more focused and fun than the first season, and that’s a great thing.


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