Feast of the End, Story changes

Time for a post about the largest difference between the original version of the story and the version that I decided upon in the end. The ending was completely different, though I’ll get into that a bit later.

Also, pretty big ending spoilers.

What I want to talk about first is Dreadclaw Prison, the prison of structures dangling off the oceanside cliff. Originally, I wanted to have a chapter or two in there to show what the inside is like. I mean, who introduces a prison only not to have a prison escape scene? I wanted one.

The prisoner was going to be Kristhal Salon, Tähti’s mother, for her perceived role in what happened at Brangliss. Tähti was then going to break in and save Kristhal before going on her quest. When that didn’t happen, I no longer had any reason to go to Dreadclaw Prison.

Though I always wanted to include the scene at the end of the prison chains breaking and the entire thing crashing into the waters below. That was the entire reason I had the prison on chains.

Now, on to the big change: The Ending.

In the original ending, An was dead and Selaf was the new Anthelia Maiden. Yes, that’s right. She became the Anthelia Maiden on accont of being a feastend of Anmaul. Instead of being powerful herself, she would have Bloodnose (the alpha ampwolf) as her gaurdian as well as any dizak she wants to help her out.

I didn’t like that thematically, though. All things considered, Sorcnon would be the “evil” nation in other stories. Selaf becoming the Athelia Maiden would be like her turning into what she was afraid of, those with power. In addition, the Anthelia Maiden serves the will of the Council, so she wouldn’t be free, anyway.

I realized pretty early on that what Selaf really wants is a chance at a normal life, some place away from the eyes of everyone. That is, like, the opposite of what the Anthelia Maiden is.

Now, instead of actively using Anmaul’s power, Selaf’s new goal is to not use it at all, to hide that the power even exists from the world. Because as long as people think they can use it to gain more power, they will try. So the great responsibility the power comes with is not using it for anything.

In the original ending, I didn’t have a plan for Hallas. Both Tähti and Ooria were going to be aides to Selaf, though. Also, Vice-President Strom (of Railpane) and Radils Siltern were going to also be council members.

There was even another earlier version where Miletta didn’t die. Instead, she did accept Selaf’s offer of being seen as a hero that stopped Thalliance from inside after being captured. I changed it to her being the true final confrontation because Selaf didn’t have enough of a connection to any other bad guy.

That, and I guess I wanted a more idealistic story, where people who do bad things do get punished. Miletta pretty much has done the most on-book bad things out of all characters, and I think it would mean Selaf’s story is at a standstill if she’s still working for Miletta after everything.

All changes were made before I even started writing the book. I mean, the Dreadclaw prison thing would have to be set up in book 2. I think the new version is much stronger in terms of Selaf’s growth. I think I wrote out Miletta for long periods of the book to make it easier to kill her in the end. I just find it tough to kill any of the character’s I’ve made, especially major ones.

Next time, I will put up a cut portion of the book! You might be able to see why it was cut once you read it. Have fun.


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