Feast of the End 3, Dizaks

Time for the new dizaks in Feast of the End 3! I didn’t introduce as many new dizaks, but the ones I did are the strongest and most important ones in the world. Beware of spoilers. Please finish the book first!

Rhino Dizaks. They are like wooly rhinos. Yeah, that’s it. They are the dizaks kept in the basement prison of the Thalliance palace if you forgot. Strong and tough to take down, that’s them.

The Nightmare Knights, these are the strongest dizaks known to the people. I modeled them after the Arthurian Knights. And if the Citacron are modeled after Charlemagne’s Paladins, that’s like the Knights of the Round Table fighting the Paladins. Still, one on one, the nightmare knights are the strongest.

I decided to give them a simple power, just pure strength, because I wanted to emphasize that simplicity can be good. And I wanted to tie the lesson on how to use feastend powers from the first book into the overall story. The knights are the pinnacle of controlling that power.

The backstory for the nightmare knights are that they are feastends taken to a whole new level. In the past war, human soldiers were combined with dizaks. When they had kids, the second generation became too unruly to leave in society, so they were kicked out. The nightmare knights were given their own land and they stayed there for the most part.

Artona is the king of the nightmare knights and the strongest individual around. He is obviously the Arthur of the knights. The female knight I described at the battle is his wife, Guinnahan.

Originally, I wanted Artona to be the one to go to Anmaul, but I decided he was too important to do that. If he injured someone, they would be dead. So I made another knight, Pacaval, to do it. I wanted to show Pacaval still as strong, so he pretty much just marched through Anmaul without anyone being able to stop him. It also served to show how he is single-mindedly hunting the person that he wounded. Then it gave it more impact when he listens to Selaf in the end.

Anmaul, oh boy, Anmaul. I’ve had the idea that Anmaul is a dizak living under the city since the first book. It’s why I introduced the key points. Key’s unlock things, right? Hehe.

Anyway, Anmaul was originally much larger, like the size of the entire city. But then when it got up, it would destroy the entire city, and I didn’t want that, so I limited its size to a few city blocks under the Key Tower, instead. I was also trying to mitigate a creature of that size just collapsing on itself but having it moved really closer to the ground and having a body structure more like a building than something living.

I hope Anmaul was a fitting final stage for the final climax of the book.

The next part may be double spoiler. Anything here might be relevant information for any future book if I continue the series. Stop reading here if you don’t want to know!

Karnis the Million Beast. This is the dizak that is stored in Karnis, the capital of Thalliance. It is the thousands of wolf statues all around the city. Karnis is a replicating dizak. Every week, it splits. During the war, it was only used for a few weeks before the powers in charge decided that it was too dangerous. Soon, Karnis would outnumber the people of the island, so they tunred it into stonr.

Magloda the Cross Island Cannon, or whatever I gave as its title. This one is definitely dead. It is buried inside the pillar in the center of Magloda, capital of Betaia. Magloda looks like a giant snake that’s wider at the head than the tail. Only it can remain vertical. It has the ability to shoot magical shots with a range that reaches from one end of the island to the other. During the ancient war, it was used to attack the sky cities.

That’s it for the dizaks!


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