Feast of the End 3, Characters 6

This is likely the final character design notes post, at least for a while. If I find that I have forgotten someone, I will make a new one! This one will be all about the various minor characters that appear in the story. Be wary of spoilers.

Gates. Ah, Gates. I’ll bet you thought he wasn’t going to get any major role again. When I set the scene in the first book of him explaining the best way to use a dizak’s power, I didn’t have any further plans for it. But in this book, I do. And how could I not have him explain it again?

Now that Selaf is much more open to people, Gates is one of the people she likes. He also cares for her. I was never intending on killing him. He’s too nice of a guy for that. I am just glad I managed to work him back into the story.

Dess Mióne. You know, she is among my favorite characters in the book. Though I sort of designed her without regards to the rest of the world. That’s sort of why she has a unique look. I made up the Lumians afterwards to explain her strange haircolor.

Maybe it’s surprising, but she and Selaf have a decent relationship. Dess Mióne likes Selaf and will, when no other conflicts arise, help Selaf over not helping. I also never intended on killing her. The book doesn’t have that kind of karma.

Oh, I forgot if I mentioned it, and this is back in the first book, but slave number one is Dess Mióne’s personal slave that spies on the others.

Radils Siltern. I still don’t have a full use for him, but as he was around, I had to address him somehow. Seeing as how most powerful people in Sorcnon are self-serving and conniving, I decided to have him betray Miletta at the drop of a hat. He will not fight for her one bit.

He’s still around, somewhere.

Gilliam. He… is not in this book. Though he did go off to fight in the war and came back safely.

Lord Thannior Tarea. Miletta’s father. He did not have much of  buildup previous to his appearance, though I suppose the lack of any information about him could point to Miletta’s feelings. I originally thought he should be nicer, but then I wanted Miletta’s childhood not to be that peachy. That’s why I made him harsh and stern. He loves his daughter but is horrible at showing it.

At the end of the story, he is still around, though he rarely leaves his home anymore.

Prinery. Quick note, this character has the favorite name out of any character I made for Feast of the End. She was also a late addition. Before, I sort of wanted Miletta’s father to be addled and remorseful over how he left things with his daughter. He would be the one telling Selaf about Miletta. When his personality changed, I needed someone else to fill that role. Thus came Prinery.

Mür Alline. Since I was always planning on having Sirts die, I figured why not have a possible replacement. That’s why I gave her a decently large role, just to give a sense of her personality and wits. I still wanted to show how harsh she is, hence I wrote the part where Tähti and Mina are asking for her help.

Davin Redkiln. He originally didn’t even have a name until I figured it was too awkward to continue writing that way. He is certainly the much less important of the two lawyers. Oh well.

The generals. The five elite squad commanders as well as the generals of the army. They are:

Anselm Dalkur, commander of the Elite Center Guards. He is not a feastend. I haven’t even decided if I want him to have dizak blood. I sort of think that makes him more of a monster compared to everyone else. There he is, a normal person, going up against people with magic tools. I think I sort of pulled the same thing with him as I did Tähti’s father, show him to be callous towards his children but have him be really affected in the end.

Oh, he did give birth to another son later on that can hopefully continue the Dalkuran line.

Lynn Rapsard, commander of the Elite Assault Force. Out of all the secondary characters, I think he/she had to die. Yes, he/she is dead. He/she is a character that has helped the main character over the previous two books, and thus, is someone decently important.

I still have no idea what I was trying with making him/her gender indeterminate.

Renault Gabre, commander of the Elite Wall Defenders. I mentioned him in the first book but only decided on what he was like this book. I decided for the laid-back kind of guy. I wished I could have detailed the sniper battle during the climax more, but that then I would have to do the fights of the other Citacron, too. Still, I really like the idea that both him and Drael (the Citacron sniper) ducking and weaving in between cover while trying to spot each other.

Baltic Noran, commander of the Elite Investigation Unit. I also mentioned him in the first book. He leads the spies, basically. I gave him a more serious personality. Because he could not warn Sorcnon about Thalliance’s plans early enough, he too took many risks and got killed during the war.

Seraphina Ash, commander of the Elite Dizak Hunters. She was the only one not mentioned in the first book, I think. But she was given special mention in the second book. That continued into the third book to give her a greater role. I wanted someone different from the other cocky and confident commanders, so I made her more shy. Still, she knows how to give a speech when it counts.

Her feastend power allows her to create a large dome of darkness that only she can see through. The other Ashans are equipped with special goggles that allow them to see.

As far as fighting prowess goes, she’s probably tied with Commander Rapsard.

Betaia. They are also not in this book, though I do want to mention what they were doing during the war. When troops started to mobilize, Betaia lined their borders with airships and cannons. They did not join in the fighting, but their presence was a sufficient deterrent in keeping Thalliance forces away from the northern pars of Sorcnon.

That is it for the minor characters. Whew. If I forgot someone, I’ll make a new post later.


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