Feast of the End 4, Character 5

Welcome to the high-level officials of Sorcnon! This should be the second to last set of character notes. Next time, it will be about other minor characters. And after that, the new dizaks of the book! Spoilers will follow, beware!

The Council, there are six of them and they make decisions by discussion and putting them to a vote. Though they don’t always have to attend, so sometimes there are 5 or less members. Any ties are handled by the Anthelia Maiden.

The council members are Council Member Timodan. He does not have a first name. Only Council Member Sirts has a first name. Timodan was the first council member I made, so I sort of like him better than the others. He is a happy and jovial fellow.

Council Member Allanta is the calm one. He is just sort of there.

Council Member Illias is the oldest of the council members. He also used to be in the military and knows how to fight using his feastend powers. His dizak is a slish, by the way. He wears a monocle because his other eye has been lost to disease. It looks pretty nasty.

Council Member Rays is the youngest of the council members. He is ambitious and wants to show that he can be taken seriously.

Council Member Havel is the only female of the council. She is the most outspoken out of all of them and is used to getting her way. She probably has the second-most or most characterization out of the group.

Lastly, Council Member Orach Sirts, the only one to have a full name. After I noticed that he did not appear in the first book, I whipped up the conflict between him and Miletta. I really liked how that turned out. Overall, I wanted to leave it ambiguous whether he is or is not guilty of killing Miletta’s mother. You can decide that for yourself. Though I will say he has been a trustworthy head of the justice department.

The Anthelia Maiden, otherwise known as Anelly Dalkur. I liked the An- suffix naming scheme for the family, though of course her mother is not named as such. Her mother is still alive, just not all that important.

I don’t think she really changed much over the story. Selaf just got to know her better. The only part where she really throws her authority around is when it concerns her older brother. And though I really liked her character, I sort of had to show just how dangerous King Eaglus and his Citacron are. She has the credibility to be threatening. The Council do not.

Her death scene was the subject was much rewriting. Each time, I made everyone struggle more, both her and the Citacron. It was hard, but I felt it came out really well with the remaining Citacron all needing their skills in order to win. And that was after she wasted most of her power on stopping Anmaul. If she was at full power, the result might be different.

Thus far she has ice powers, moving things with her mind powers (that includes herself) and invisibility powers.

Last for this post is An. This is his book to shine. Despite how he acts, he actually knows whats going on, and he only wants what’s best for everyone. That is why he decides Anmaul is better off gone rather than being used as a tool of war, even by Sorcnon. In the original version I had An dying at the end. I’ll explain the major differences between this ending and the original one later.

An was created for the sole purpose of the ending scene. He would be Selaf’s final guide into choosing to be the person she is. I needed to add in some scenes of Selaf and An bonding, which I think was pretty out of place most of the time but was necessary. I actually added in a few more scenes than before just to get more of an interaction going between An, Selaf and Anelly.

An actually has a lot of dizak powers, more than Anelly. He just doesn’t use them that much. The regenerative one is automatic, though. I do hope people don’t think I was trying to portray any serious mental issues with him. I did not do enough research on that. Whatever An has, it is purely fictional.

That’s all for this post. Bye.


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