Feast of the End 3, Character Notes 4

Welcome to the fourth installment of character notes! The next part will be about high-level Sorcnon officials.

Anyway, the characters I’ll be looking at this time are King Arveil Eaglus, Advisor Hilvan Aruum and the Citacron. There will be spoilers.

First up is Hilvan Aruum. I really wanted to make him more of a presence within the story, but I found it hard to tie into Selaf’s tale. He would have been the main antagonist of Book 2 if book two followed Hallas.

As it was, I tried to give him presence by having him be the one to give a speech in Thalliance and by having Hallas point to him as the main cause of the war. I wanted to give a bit of hope that the King might be more reasonable. Overall, I’m a bit sad that he wasn’t built up enough.

Now then, for the main antagonist of the book, King Arveil Eaglus. *crowd cheering noises*

From all I’ve revealed about Thalliance, how they are steeped in tradition, I wanted the King Eaglus to be the most traditional of them all. He believes in the old alliance about how all three nations were one Kingdom. To him, the war is more of a civil war rather than an invasion. He believes he is strengthening the entire kingdom, and he may or may not be right overall. It’s not like there is something beyond Aarhsolm that might invade or something.

Now why did I decide to have him survive? Probably due to not coming up with a situation where having him dead wouldn’t turn the entire island into a warzone. Keep in mind that he is a King with the popular support of the people. The people of Thalliance support uniting all the nations.

And I wanted to show that King Eaglus was smart and had self-control. He’s not about to needlessly throw away his powers. I had him say to know when to give up, and I had him live up to those words. Besides, he could still have some interesting things to do in the future if I want to continue the story of Feast of the End.

Now for the Citacron. I wanted their name to evoke Citadel Knights, like how Templars are Temple Knights and Paladins are Palace Knights. Those definitions may or may not have been made up by me, but that’s the reason for the Citacron. The original group name went through several revisions before I finally set upon the current name. I can’t even remember all of them.

I wanted the Citacron to be an entity rather than individuals, which was why I never referred to them by name even though I did give all of them names. I did base most of their looks on Dark Souls armors. Here is the list of them.

Sharius, one of the knights that accompanies King Eaglus into Anmaul. He is the one that is also a wizard. His sword acts as his staff.

Imers, the other knight that goes into Anmaul. He is the one with the axe and shield.

Horia is the knight with the penants on his back. He is a bit of a preacher and gives inspirational speeches.

Resil is the lone female of the Citacron. I did have a history in which there is always eight members of the Citacron and one of them is always female due to a warrior maid that saved the King many years ago.

Oracon, the tall knight that faced the Anthelia Maiden. I decided to make him the silent type.

Gion is the wild one of the bunch. Out of all the knights, he is the one that likes to fight the most. I have not decided if he is dead or not.

Drael is the one with the sniper and the only one of the Citacron that uses modern weaponry. I wanted guns to remain the most dangerous weapon even in the face of magic and monsters so I made him a hidden sniper type. He may or may not still be alive.

That’s all for the Citacron! I had a lot of fun making up eight of them. See you next time.


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