Feast of the End 3, Character Notes 3

It’s time for my character notes on the Shining Sun Order. I suppose I will not include their leader for this post. Instead, the leader will be in the next post with the other members of the high-level Thalliance officials. There will be spoilers in this post, so please read the book first!

To start with, Hethyr, of course. I wanted to convey a sense of uncertainty and resolve with him. His entire mission was pretty much a lie, so the only thing he has left is to focus on serving his nation. I did want to show off his side of emotions. Selaf has pretty much killed several of his closest allies and friends, so he has legitimate gripes and hatred for her.

His relationship with Hallas is more along the lines of respected warriors. In the first book, he tried to convince Hallas to join the Shining Sun Order. When Hallas refused, the two clashed multiple times during the course of the second book.

Why did I keep him alive? I don’t know. I think I didn’t want a total wipeout of the Shining Sun Order.

Next character, Mitus, the wizard and number two of Hethyr. I finally gave him a name. Overall, he is a loyal member of the Shining Sun Order. I made a reason for him to hate Selaf in this book by having her kill his apprentice. Selaf already had a reason to hate him for the thing he did to her.

Speaking of that, Rillias, Mitus’s apprentice, was created for the reason of having a direct rivalry between Selaf and Mitus. I mean, she did drop his charred corpse on the ground for Mitus to find. Also, I wanted to use Rillias to empthasize the stamina of the Feastends in the third book, that’s why I had Rillias’s style of beating opponents a more rope-a-dope strategy.

Raedaryrm already had a built in conflict with Tähti, so that was great. I wanted to show how Tähti fought, so I decreased his original fighting capability to be more of a pure thinker and schemer type. Though if he had survived, he would have joined with the King and betrayed the ideals of the Shining Sun Order. He’s not too loyal to them.

Dolan, well, he was purely there just to give Ooria something to do. Yes, that was planned from the second book. He is loyal to Raedarym, though.

The fights were much shorter originally. After some feedback, I deepened the emotional impact of them considerably. In the original version, it was sort of just bing-bang done. The events played out the same, but there wasn’t as much struggle or feeling to them.

The revised version put a lot more into Selaf’s feeling of the aftermath, what defeating the Shining Sun Order meant to her. More than defeating them, she now feels safe and no longer scared. The same goes for Tähti as well. Hallas was just glad that the Shining Sun Order is done for because he has more pressing problems to worry about.

Next time, high level Thalliance officials and the Citacron!


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