Feast of the End 3, Character Notes 2

Welcome to part two on my design notes for characters. This post will cover the returning characters of Hallas, Mina, Cal and the new character of Professor Ophrin Cilleth. There will be spoilers, so please go and read the book before these!

Hallas, the actual hero of the story. I’ve mentioned it before, but he’s the one that’s actually trying to do good in the world. For a more standard tale, he would certainly also be the main character.

For the third book, I’ve shifted him into the sort of teaching role for Selaf. He’s the Miletta replacement in that way. Overall, though, most of what’s happening with him is just implied through conversation. Like, Captain Keva, Hallas’s old commanding officer, would be a large character in his plot. Since everything was focused on Selaf, though, Captain Keva gets a one line mention.

I’m not sure if I wanted to do a dual storyline. I mean, the books are long enough as it is. Also I haven’t put that much thought into what Hallas is doing when he’s not around Selaf, just general timeline stuff to make sure things match up. Like in the first book, he spent quite a lot of time just traveling around with the Shining Sun Order in their quest to obtain the ring. For the second book, he goes up againt Hilvan Aruum.

I wonder if Hilvan Aruum would have been a much stronger antagonist if I had gone into more with Hallas facing off against him? That way, the events of Thalliance in book 3 would be even more important. Well, I wasn’t ready to do a dual storyline. But you can fill in the blanks as you like!

As for the ending having Hallas go into the Sorcnon military, that was a departure from my original ending. I’ll talk about the ending in the book and my original ideas in a later post.

Mina or Wilhelmina was actually Selaf’s first friend. Mina still cares about Selaf a lot. I did want to explore how she would interact with Tähti, though, as well as more about her and Cal’s interactions. I wanted to show how a year of fighting the Shining Sun Order made her tougher than the days at Scar Hound while still retaining her kind and caring nature.

In a way, I think she is a lot like Tähti. Mina and Tähti are pretty much the support systems for Hallas and Selaf respectively. I did want to have some differences between them. Overall, Mina is still the nicer and more moral of the two. She is also more open to everyone while Tähti is restricted mainly to Selaf.

It was fun writing with Mina and Selaf again. Even though they only knew each other for less than a month, I wanted to show that they did bond during that time at Scarhound.

As for Cal, I’m not sure if I wrote this already, but he was sort of thrown into the first book. He was originally just some kid that Selaf caught to show how little she cared about others. But as he’s in Scar Hound and Hallas was breaking out, I thought that he definitely should go with them.

Cal starts out supporting the Shining Sun Order but pretty much turns on them once he finds out they are against Sorcnon. What was he doing during the second book? Just up to usual tricks, only much more careful about getting caught.

For the third book, though, I had to think up something for him to do besides his early scene. Even the tagalong kid does something. That’s why I added the scene in the Palace dungeons with him saving the day. Overall, though, I think he adds the point of view of a normal person.

As for the one new character of Ophrin Cilleth, if Hallas had a plot in the second book that would have been when Professor Cilleth is introduced. Basically, Hallas helped him with something, and now he returns the favor. What exactly the situation was, I did not think about. So feel free to make up your own ideas!

Though I only created him to add a sense of realism to the world. I wanted to introduce old history to the story, and language changes over time. So I needed a professor to both translate old language into current language as well as have a good reason for one long exposition piece. Therefore, I needed a historical linguist professor and made the character to match that.

So yeah, Professor Cilleth is purely there for plot convenience. Oh well. Next time I will talk about the Shining Sun Order! Stay tuned.


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