Just Random Stuff

This post is all random. First off, Book 3 of Feast of the End is out! You can find it in the My Works page. I do have more story in the world, but I want to take a break from it for a while. Besides, I think it ends at a really nice place. Starting next month, I’ll begin writing up notes for the 3rd book, so don’t read those unless you finished the book as they contain spoilers.

This post, well, I don’t actually have anything to talk about here. I am considering what I want to write next. I have a lot of beginning ideas and resolving ideas but not enough substance in the middle. A shorter story is alright, though. Novels are officially designated as 50k words long. Or was it 40k? Either way, much shorter than any one Feast of the End book.

I somewhat want to do a sci-fi, yet I want to do urban fantasy. Within each of those genres are several stories. I find it tough setting things in the real world, though. It would feel off if I set stories in places I haven’t visited because then the actual people living there will realize something wrong when I describe things. It will likely result in any stories set in the real world to still take place in fictional locations. That gives me more confidence in describing locations.

A majority of my stories will probably feature female protagonists. It’s just the way I roll. I am not sure why. I do want to try for some more important male characters, though. That may or may not have already happened in Feast of the End Book 3. The balance of characters will always tilt more towards females.

Anyway, enough of that this week. Next week, get ready for notes on Feast of the End, Book 3!


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