Why I Seem to Like Everything 2, What I do not Like

So, last time I wrote a bit about why I enjoy most things I watch. You can read it here. So, what are some things I don’t like? Well, there are some. This is independent of individual subjects I don’t lile.

For individual topics I don’t like, mostly gore and really depressing stuff. But I can tell when it is done well to other people’s enjoyment. Basically, those movies are not for me, but I can tell why people enjoy them. Otherwise, I can enjoy most subjects on a case by case basis.

So, what is the one things that I just won’t enjoy in a movie? Poor transition between scenes. Out of all movies I recently watched, the most recent one I remember is The Last Airbender. I saw the original cartoon, so I know what’s going on, but that movie is just one even to another without any proper time in between. They were trying to adapt an entire season of show, that’s about 10 hours, into a 2 hour movie. It’s not going to work. So much was lost because there were just too many events. The entire movie felt like short highlights of interesting events.

Another example I can think of is Police Academy. I really liked that movie as a kid, actually (I know, it has boobs and stuff). Watching it now, that movie really was a series of pranks that was loosely tied together. Even the climax came out of nowhere. Though I’ll always give Police Academy a pass due to nostalgia.

I like movies to have the proper amount of downtime between important events. Or even just a lowkey always ongoing event. Basically, I can see the appeal in a lot of things even if I won’t personally enjoy them, but putting things together in a choppy manner just annoys me. It makes movies seem like a montage of stuff rather an the characters going through all of the proper motions.


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