Mortal Instruments, City of Bone

Another slightly old movie when it comes to reviewing it. Hey, what can I say? I’m just watching them off the television now that it’s showing. You know, I read that his movie got poor reviews. I liked it (big surprise). I wouldn’t say it’s fantastic, but it’s not bad. I guess being average is considered bad nowadays? Maybe a tad too much teen agnst, but the world made is quite interesting.

Note that I have not read the books.

The Mortal Instruments, City of Bone is about, well, the Mortal Instruments. They are ancient artifacts that are important to an order to Shadow Hunters. As for the City of Bone part, perhaps the books explain it better, perhaps it was cut out of the TV broadcast, but that place did not feel important at all. It was mentioned and shown once, and then that was it.

Cutting out all the random teenage drama, I find the movie quite interesting. It’s an urban fantasy. There is a friendly werewolf, and the villain is trying to make more Shadow Hunters, possibly throwing things out of balance. The effects were alright and the action scenes were pretty slick. The main character doesn’t do much fighting herself, but that’s understandable as she was not trained.

This movie is so goth. The characters pretty much wear all black. They have magical tattoos. The Shadow Hunter’s home base is an awesome institute. It’s a pretty fun adventure romp through some dark places. Though of course there has to be some werewolf vs vampire fun. That’s something I don’t exactly need more of. Underworld fills that need quite nicely and does it in a much more fun manner.

But I liked the opening of the story, how everything unfolded. There was a lot of horror and confusion, as one would experience if once finds out about a secret world of monsters. It was tense and slowly finding out about everything was great.

I think the film might be slightly too long. I’m not sure how it was in the books, but they needed to have a big finish in the movie. It was nice, but they should have trimmed some stuff in the middle. The beginning set up was great, and the end was good considering the built up of the villain character and the mortal instrument over the movie.

Well, this movie isn’t about to get a sequel any time soon, though I do hear they are making a TV show based on it. Maybe I’ll check that out.


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