Godzilla (2014)

I’m watching all of the 2014 movies now! This time, it’s Godzilla. This movie is… hmm. First, I will say that I don’t know if I saw the original film or not. I think I saw part of it on TV once, but I was young and don’t remember large parts of it. As for this film, I feel there was not enough of Godzilla. There, I said it.

Most of the time, the military is dealing with two MUTOs, Massive Unidentified Terrestial Objects, though one of them can fly. The MUTOs are pretty threatening and cool-looking, though. A big qualm I have is that every time the action happens, except for hte last time, the movie always cuts away after a few seconds. We are then rejoined in the aftermath. Now, this might be due to budget concerns, but it still stings. A lot of the scenes are also way too dark. I could use a bit more light.

I liked the scenes with Godzilla, though, as infrequent as he did appear. Sure, we know what he looks like. I mean, he’s right there on the cover. But one of my fears is giant underwater creatures. Seeing Godzilla swim was exciting for me. Just him going along the water, comparing his size to carriers and warships. That was great.

There are a lot of individual scenes I like in the movie. The air drop into the city scene, Godzilla roaring, that last laser breath. I really felt chills at the scene with all of the planes. That one was great. As a whole, I could use some more giant monster fighting. What we do see is pretty impressive, though.

Thinking on it, I’m alright with the human side of the movie with one minor quibble. The only thing they really did was destroy the MUTO eggs, and that wasn’t even their main mission! In the end, they listened to the scientist and that was to leave the MUTO’s to Godzilla. The big problem at the end of the movie is actually caused by the military’s earlier plans! Not the monsters.

Still, the military characters seem rather reasonable, at least. They listen to others, are not overly antagonistic and are respectful all throughout. Overall, it does make the human parts tolerable just because you already know which characters are meant to be right and watching people in the authority dismiss those characters is annoying.

The main character is just kind of going along with the flow of things while trying to get back home. He sort of just lucks into doing something important. Which, somehow, none of the other soldiers think to do despite many of them being there.

Godzilla is the real hero of this movie despite not appearing all that much. He provides big impact whenever he does show up. A real earthshaking romp.

Compared to the older American version, it’s tough to say which one I like better. The movies are in different styles. In the older version, the main characters are at least actively making the plans to stop Godzilla. The old one is a bit more campy and fun. The new one is serious and tense. I’ll say I like both versions.


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