Dark Matter, Season Finale

Ah, the other new Syfy space show on at a similar time. Dark Matter follows the course of a crew that has no memories. As it turns out, five out of six of them are wanted criminals. As it also turns out, Five is the one not a criminal. They use the order in which they woke up for names as they don’t remember their own. Having no memories while being some ofthe most wanted people in the galaxy is not a good combination.

At first, I was a bit disappointed that the crew found out about themselves so fast, but that was only the basic. Each of them has their own reasons for being most wanted criminals that get revealed throuhgout the season. I really like finding out about each member slowly over the course of the show. I also enjoyed the bottle episodes they had. The ship allows for some pretty interesting scenarios.

I feel most of the crew’s outside of the ship jobs tend to be weaker. They solve problems a bit too easily and some things get brought up only to get solved the next episode, such as Three trying to blackmail one.

The best part of the show to me is the crew interactions. There is at least a few scenes where each member gets one on one time with another member. Those moments are great. The Android, helper in the spaceship, is a great character. She has that sort of quirky snarkiness where it sounds like she’s being sincere.

The finale itself was really good. It had a sort of tension that has been bubbling up between all of the crew during the course of the season. Someone is a traitor, and that person is acting. Find out who is the one targetting the crew creates a tense episode that’s all the better because you got to know everyone.

Dark Matter is a fun show with a lot of enjoyable moments between the crew. Just watching them interact is the best part, but getting to see them show off for missions is nice, too. Compared to Killjoys, I have to say I enjoyed this show better, but that’s probably due to having more cast members that can play off one another and a slightly lighter tone.

This season left so many plot threads open, though. it would really hurt not to get a second season. Like pretty much this season is all about answers to questions but not solutions to problems. I really hope for a second season to have more adventures with the crew of the Raza.


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