Just Random Stuff

This post is all random. First off, Book 3 of Feast of the End is out! You can find it in the My Works page. I do have more story in the world, but I want to take a break from it for a while. Besides, I think it ends at a really nice place. Starting next month, I’ll begin writing up notes for the 3rd book, so don’t read those unless you finished the book as they contain spoilers.

This post, well, I don’t actually have anything to talk about here. I am considering what I want to write next. I have a lot of beginning ideas and resolving ideas but not enough substance in the middle. A shorter story is alright, though. Novels are officially designated as 50k words long. Or was it 40k? Either way, much shorter than any one Feast of the End book.

I somewhat want to do a sci-fi, yet I want to do urban fantasy. Within each of those genres are several stories. I find it tough setting things in the real world, though. It would feel off if I set stories in places I haven’t visited because then the actual people living there will realize something wrong when I describe things. It will likely result in any stories set in the real world to still take place in fictional locations. That gives me more confidence in describing locations.

A majority of my stories will probably feature female protagonists. It’s just the way I roll. I am not sure why. I do want to try for some more important male characters, though. That may or may not have already happened in Feast of the End Book 3. The balance of characters will always tilt more towards females.

Anyway, enough of that this week. Next week, get ready for notes on Feast of the End, Book 3!

Why I Seem to Like Everything 2, What I do not Like

So, last time I wrote a bit about why I enjoy most things I watch. You can read it here. So, what are some things I don’t like? Well, there are some. This is independent of individual subjects I don’t lile.

For individual topics I don’t like, mostly gore and really depressing stuff. But I can tell when it is done well to other people’s enjoyment. Basically, those movies are not for me, but I can tell why people enjoy them. Otherwise, I can enjoy most subjects on a case by case basis.

So, what is the one things that I just won’t enjoy in a movie? Poor transition between scenes. Out of all movies I recently watched, the most recent one I remember is The Last Airbender. I saw the original cartoon, so I know what’s going on, but that movie is just one even to another without any proper time in between. They were trying to adapt an entire season of show, that’s about 10 hours, into a 2 hour movie. It’s not going to work. So much was lost because there were just too many events. The entire movie felt like short highlights of interesting events.

Another example I can think of is Police Academy. I really liked that movie as a kid, actually (I know, it has boobs and stuff). Watching it now, that movie really was a series of pranks that was loosely tied together. Even the climax came out of nowhere. Though I’ll always give Police Academy a pass due to nostalgia.

I like movies to have the proper amount of downtime between important events. Or even just a lowkey always ongoing event. Basically, I can see the appeal in a lot of things even if I won’t personally enjoy them, but putting things together in a choppy manner just annoys me. It makes movies seem like a montage of stuff rather an the characters going through all of the proper motions.

Mortal Instruments, City of Bone

Another slightly old movie when it comes to reviewing it. Hey, what can I say? I’m just watching them off the television now that it’s showing. You know, I read that his movie got poor reviews. I liked it (big surprise). I wouldn’t say it’s fantastic, but it’s not bad. I guess being average is considered bad nowadays? Maybe a tad too much teen agnst, but the world made is quite interesting.

Note that I have not read the books.

The Mortal Instruments, City of Bone is about, well, the Mortal Instruments. They are ancient artifacts that are important to an order to Shadow Hunters. As for the City of Bone part, perhaps the books explain it better, perhaps it was cut out of the TV broadcast, but that place did not feel important at all. It was mentioned and shown once, and then that was it.

Cutting out all the random teenage drama, I find the movie quite interesting. It’s an urban fantasy. There is a friendly werewolf, and the villain is trying to make more Shadow Hunters, possibly throwing things out of balance. The effects were alright and the action scenes were pretty slick. The main character doesn’t do much fighting herself, but that’s understandable as she was not trained.

This movie is so goth. The characters pretty much wear all black. They have magical tattoos. The Shadow Hunter’s home base is an awesome institute. It’s a pretty fun adventure romp through some dark places. Though of course there has to be some werewolf vs vampire fun. That’s something I don’t exactly need more of. Underworld fills that need quite nicely and does it in a much more fun manner.

But I liked the opening of the story, how everything unfolded. There was a lot of horror and confusion, as one would experience if once finds out about a secret world of monsters. It was tense and slowly finding out about everything was great.

I think the film might be slightly too long. I’m not sure how it was in the books, but they needed to have a big finish in the movie. It was nice, but they should have trimmed some stuff in the middle. The beginning set up was great, and the end was good considering the built up of the villain character and the mortal instrument over the movie.

Well, this movie isn’t about to get a sequel any time soon, though I do hear they are making a TV show based on it. Maybe I’ll check that out.

Godzilla (2014)

I’m watching all of the 2014 movies now! This time, it’s Godzilla. This movie is… hmm. First, I will say that I don’t know if I saw the original film or not. I think I saw part of it on TV once, but I was young and don’t remember large parts of it. As for this film, I feel there was not enough of Godzilla. There, I said it.

Most of the time, the military is dealing with two MUTOs, Massive Unidentified Terrestial Objects, though one of them can fly. The MUTOs are pretty threatening and cool-looking, though. A big qualm I have is that every time the action happens, except for hte last time, the movie always cuts away after a few seconds. We are then rejoined in the aftermath. Now, this might be due to budget concerns, but it still stings. A lot of the scenes are also way too dark. I could use a bit more light.

I liked the scenes with Godzilla, though, as infrequent as he did appear. Sure, we know what he looks like. I mean, he’s right there on the cover. But one of my fears is giant underwater creatures. Seeing Godzilla swim was exciting for me. Just him going along the water, comparing his size to carriers and warships. That was great.

There are a lot of individual scenes I like in the movie. The air drop into the city scene, Godzilla roaring, that last laser breath. I really felt chills at the scene with all of the planes. That one was great. As a whole, I could use some more giant monster fighting. What we do see is pretty impressive, though.

Thinking on it, I’m alright with the human side of the movie with one minor quibble. The only thing they really did was destroy the MUTO eggs, and that wasn’t even their main mission! In the end, they listened to the scientist and that was to leave the MUTO’s to Godzilla. The big problem at the end of the movie is actually caused by the military’s earlier plans! Not the monsters.

Still, the military characters seem rather reasonable, at least. They listen to others, are not overly antagonistic and are respectful all throughout. Overall, it does make the human parts tolerable just because you already know which characters are meant to be right and watching people in the authority dismiss those characters is annoying.

The main character is just kind of going along with the flow of things while trying to get back home. He sort of just lucks into doing something important. Which, somehow, none of the other soldiers think to do despite many of them being there.

Godzilla is the real hero of this movie despite not appearing all that much. He provides big impact whenever he does show up. A real earthshaking romp.

Compared to the older American version, it’s tough to say which one I like better. The movies are in different styles. In the older version, the main characters are at least actively making the plans to stop Godzilla. The old one is a bit more campy and fun. The new one is serious and tense. I’ll say I like both versions.

Dark Matter, Season Finale

Ah, the other new Syfy space show on at a similar time. Dark Matter follows the course of a crew that has no memories. As it turns out, five out of six of them are wanted criminals. As it also turns out, Five is the one not a criminal. They use the order in which they woke up for names as they don’t remember their own. Having no memories while being some ofthe most wanted people in the galaxy is not a good combination.

At first, I was a bit disappointed that the crew found out about themselves so fast, but that was only the basic. Each of them has their own reasons for being most wanted criminals that get revealed throuhgout the season. I really like finding out about each member slowly over the course of the show. I also enjoyed the bottle episodes they had. The ship allows for some pretty interesting scenarios.

I feel most of the crew’s outside of the ship jobs tend to be weaker. They solve problems a bit too easily and some things get brought up only to get solved the next episode, such as Three trying to blackmail one.

The best part of the show to me is the crew interactions. There is at least a few scenes where each member gets one on one time with another member. Those moments are great. The Android, helper in the spaceship, is a great character. She has that sort of quirky snarkiness where it sounds like she’s being sincere.

The finale itself was really good. It had a sort of tension that has been bubbling up between all of the crew during the course of the season. Someone is a traitor, and that person is acting. Find out who is the one targetting the crew creates a tense episode that’s all the better because you got to know everyone.

Dark Matter is a fun show with a lot of enjoyable moments between the crew. Just watching them interact is the best part, but getting to see them show off for missions is nice, too. Compared to Killjoys, I have to say I enjoyed this show better, but that’s probably due to having more cast members that can play off one another and a slightly lighter tone.

This season left so many plot threads open, though. it would really hurt not to get a second season. Like pretty much this season is all about answers to questions but not solutions to problems. I really hope for a second season to have more adventures with the crew of the Raza.

Killjoys, Season Finale

Ah, the end of the first season of Killjoys, a science fiction show about space bounty hunters. Killjoys follows a three person team as they deal with unruly people, high power politics and whatever is haunting them in their past. The characters are Dutch, a trained killer trying to escape that life. Johnny, who I don’t think I know too much about. And Davin, Johnny’s older brother that used to be a soldier before falling out with PTSD.

Compared to the other Syfy show on, Dark Matters, Killjoys is a much more serious show that has darker moments. It also comes up with a mature audience warning every time, which makes me wonder why Killjoys is on earlier. It does serve up a more gritty universe with dirty people and unsavory practices. There was one particularly gruesome episode that really deserved that violence warning. It’s the spaceship one where the team went to investigate a supposedly empty spaceship and recover it. That just hurt to watch.

The show follows the team on missions every week that expand a bit on the world they live in. At the end of the season, I had a decent idea of what everything was, though I would like perhaps a planet descriptor added onto location names. I have no idea whats on the same planet and what isn’t. Maybe it all takes place in the same area.

The crews personal interaction is powerful to watch. There are some strong performances of pain going on, both physical and mental. The atmosphere of the show sells the gritty low-class life well, too.

Overall, Killjoys has a serious tone that it somehow maintains even when the characters are joking. I never really felt levity to what they were doing, even if the characters were smirking. The main badguy presents a menacing feeling even as he is nothing but polite. The side characters, too, get their moments to shine. When they are first presented, I didn’t even think one of them would be a recurring character, but they all have their own charms and importance to the world.

They visit a wide variety of locals from compounds to farm fields. It gives good variety that helps the universe feel more alive. The finale introduces a slamming new location that I hope gets explored more.

I sometimes feel wary watching the show, like what horrible stuff will happen next, but I find what’s going on interesting. I want to know what happens next, and I hope I get the chance to find out. The show isn’t really about an adventure every week. It’s about the characters dealing with their past and what it means for their future.

Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the AI in the nanobot testing ship asking about Red 17? The same list that RAC agent said that Dutch was on? Intriguing. Or maybe I misremembered. Either way, it’s a science fiction drama with an action flair.