Disney’s Descendants

Ah, it has arrived, a few weeks ago, the much hyped Disney’s Descendants. Take all the fairy tale movies by Disney, transpose them to the modern world, give the villains kids and have them be the focus of the story. Dress it up with some fancy sets, costumes and song/dance numbers and you will have Disney’s Descendants. I’m going to stop adding the Disney’s to the front of the title now since you can assume I mean the kids film and not the George Clooney film, The Descendants.

This takes place in the high school for the children of all the heroes in the fictional Kingdom of Auradon. I like that the King and Queen are the Beast and Belle, not Snow White or another older Disney princess. i like it because both Beast and Belle are well established instead of only one of them.

Four kids of villains, Mal (daughter of Maleficient), Evie (daughter of the Evil Queen), Jay (son of Jafar) and Carlos (son of Cruella) are allowed to go to that school for a chance at a better life. Of course their wicked parents have some alternative reasons for letting their kids go.

The film asks whether the kids should try to make their parents proud or get immersed in their newfound world and happiness of real companionship. It might have been done before, but using actual Disney characters gives the movie great fun. And all of those villains were really enjoying themselves. They were going full ham.

The kids are really fun to watch. They navigate through school life while having an overbearing pressure on them. I am also pretty glad that some normal tropes weren’t used. For instance, the main princess girl had a legitimate reason to dislike the villain kids, and even she made peace at the end.

The dance numbers are really fun, most of which you can see online. I liked the first big dance number introducing all of the villain kids, following that, I also really liked Maleficient’s song.

Descendants is a good introduction to a fun world filled with the kids of Disney characters. And it feels like it hits most of the notes it was trying to reach. Not a pun on music, by the way. Yeah, I enjoyed it a lot. It’s still saved up on my DVR for repeated viewing.

Would it be proper or remiss to compare it to another series with the kids of fairy tale characters? Yeah, I know of/watch Ever After High. I would say I like Ever After High better, but they also had a lot more time to set up more characters, and they have a really interesting free-will VS destiny thing going on with the fairy tale twist.

Disney wants to make Descendants into a semi-regular thing, thoug, so I’ll see how it goes. Disney does have the advantage of being able to use their version of the characters, and let’s face it, that’s a lot more well-known to people.


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