A bit late, but I finally saw Ant-Man! The last part of phase 2 ends with a more light-hearted romp that still brings in some new information into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ant-Man is a fun way to decompress after what happened in Avengers Two and before the Civil War. After the large explosions of the previous movies, Ant-Man provides the smallest explosions. Oh ho ho.

I felt like they had a lot of fun with the shrinking and growing in the movie. They threw in several epic scenes that turn hilarious when you realize everything is happening on the scale of an ant. The ant army was also amazing. And I am glad they looked cuter than real ants. Sorry, but I am still getting rid of any real ants around me.

The plot is pretty similar to Iron Man. Genius makes suit. Evil guy wants to make his own suit based on the genius’s work. Stop that new suit! The villain, Darren Cross, has a creepier vibe about him, though. Just from the first scene, you can tell something is up with him. There is actually a pretty chilling moment when he deals with someone that doesn’t believe in his ideas.

Scott Lang is a cool character, but his friends really steal the show in terms of comedy. Scott is just a father that wants to protect his daughter. His friends, however, get into all sorts of mischief and bring about the comedy. Luis in particular, is golden. Him telling stories about how he knows a guy is some of the best comedy parts of the movie.

There are some suprise appearances by some Avengers, too. Though they aren’t a surprise now that I’ve just told you. Woopsie.

The movie does seem to go through phases, starting with being a normal comedy, then a training for a heist, then just super heroics. For those that think Ant-Man’s power is silly, the movie does a great job of showing just how dangerous it can be, especially in the hands of a villain.

A really fun movie to go see where the people making it must be having a lot of fun with all the shrinking and growing scenes. And that sort of quirky fun comes through in the movie.

Man, the Marvevl Cinemtic Universe is really getting big now. I love it. If I were to put it somewhere, I would say it’s above Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 but below Captain America 2.


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