Spoils Before Dying

Ah, another adaptation of the Spoils book come to an end. The first one was The Spoils of Babylon, by Eric Jonrosh. This time it’s The Spoils Before Dying, by Eric Jonrosh. It is a jazzy 1960’s story of murder and intrigue. And… alright. For those that have seen the first season, you’ll know the real premise going on here.

This is a fictional account of a person making a movie based on his books. An actor (Will Ferrell) is playing the author Eric Jonrosh. Everyone in the show is actually playing actors hired to make the show version of the book. In that manner, it makes perfect sense why the same actors are playing different characters in the second season. Eric Jonrosh obviously has production posse.

And the show is also a comedy. The first season, The Spoils of Babylon, I think they were trying to hide it a bit more, instead pretending it is a so bad it’s good production of the book. This season, I feel as if they’re a lot more open about being a comedy. The style is much the same: ridiculous characters played completely straight. This time, they do a lot more strange stuff for no reason other than to be funny.

Still, much of the humor comes from just how serious everyone takes what they are doing. It’s funny because they are not trying to be funny.

The beginning and ending sessions where Eric Jonrosh introduces the episode is always fun to watch. And I still haven’t gotten tired of the wide shots. One gag I feel is overused is the sudden jump cuts to different angles of one event that is going on way too long. At least one of those happens per episode. It always makes me smile, though, and the snapping scene was hilarious.

The plot plays like a 1960’s murder mystery. The lingo they use and the over-the-top metaphors add a lot to the charm and humor. This show has that 60’s look through and through. Stuff seems to happen for no reason, and you just roll with it at the time, but the entire story does come together in the hilarious parody charm.

I didn’t expect The Spoils of Babylon to get a second season. In fact, I only found out about this season from one of the actors appearing on a talk show. I am really glad I did, though. I like the style of this show from the gag credits to the author notes. The Spoils Before Dying is just my kind of slightly off.


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