Why I Seem to Like Everything

This will be a shorter post the topic of which is, Why I Seem to Like Everything. I’m talking about what I review. Most of you might notice that I am positive with what I say, though I do like certain things better than others. Part of the reason is that I am easy to please. I like most things. Doesn’t make me a great reviewer, but there you go.

Also, I do not require things I watch to have some deep meaning or explore some human condition. I fully go for things that are fun above all else, and I am okay with those lightweight shows that don’t add much to talk about but are just fun.

That brings me to the second reason why I seem to like everything I review, and that is since I am not a professional reviewer, I get to watch what I want. That means I am mainly talking about things I already know I enjoy since I get to pick what I talk about. What I don’t enjoy, I don’t watch past the first episode or two, and that means I do not have a complete picture on the show. I don’t like to judge a show based on just a few episodes, especially since sometimes I do enjoy what I see but it’s just too heavy for me.

So, you should keep that in mind when reading my review, or indeed any reviewer’s review. What their preferences are and such. If you completely disagree with a reviewer, then you’ll know if they say they like something that you won’t or vice versa. So you’ll know by what I watch that I tend to like fantasy stuff, crime dramas and the like. There are a few shows I watch that I don’t review. You won’t find out about those. ;o)


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