Jurassic World

The newest Jurassic Park movie is here, and now they are Jurassic World! I’ve seen the first two Jurassic Park movies, though since I was so young at the time, I sometimes mix up what happened in which movie. It was great, dinosaur stomping fun, though, and this one is no different. Some minor spoilers. Five words. Velociraptor riding on a T-rex. Find out when that happens in this movie!

After 3 failed attempts at making a theme park out of dinosaurs, it actually seemed to happen in this movie. Everyone is happy, dinosaurs have become so last season that ticket sales are declining. Thus, they need new, better, more exciting dinosuars. How do they do that? Genetically making one, of course. If you are thinking that is a bad idea that can only cause disaster, then you are right!

I can’t remember the first Jurassic Park movie, and I have not seen one of the many repeats on TV thus far, so I won’t be making any comparisons to it. Jurassic World brings out a whole new set of dangers by having a successful and thriving park full of guests. Over 20000 people as pointed out in one scene. Now loose dinosaurs are a real issue.

I think the film wanted to stay away from showing overt sercurity team VS dinosaurs, though. Most of the trouble with the people happen offscreen while the main character’s are dealing with the genetically modified super-dinosaur. It might have changed the tone of the movie, but I think it would be cool to see more of the security detail dealing with the dinosaurs. At least a few of them were even the focus of a single shot, so when they had no other characterization beyond that, it felt a bit lacking.

The main dinosaur action is great, though. I think it’s less tense than the velociraptor scenes in the previous movies, but the modified dinosaur gets some tense scenes. I think this is a louder, flashier movie compared to the previous ones.

One thing I enjoyed is that while there are human characters that can be seen as morally wrong, they aren’t the giving that much attention in terms of conflict. I tend to find it annoying how huge disaster movies always want to throw in some kind of human conflict. No. Let the characters deal with the huge disasters! Not some asshole. In this movie, the main conflict was the super-dinosuar through and through. The potential sequel hook, though…

The climax was great! I don’t care how silly some people might think it is, it is great.

Jurassic World, grander, more technology and deadlier dinosuars! I had fun at the movie for sure.

And I will be honest and say I could not tell the difference between the raptors. No racist. Maybe on a second viewing.


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