iZombie, Season Finale

Woo, the first season of iZombie is finished. And it is an entertaining and fun show with a supernatural detective. There have been vampires, werewolves and, now, zombies. I really like the concept of the show, and how the main character, Liv Moore, is a friendly zombie that gets memories (and personalities and skills) of the people she eats. Of course Liv works at the police department medical examiner’s office. That’s how she gets all those brains without needing to kill anyone.

But of course there are more zombies than just her, and they aren’t so lucky in their supply of brains. The main bad zombie, Blaine, is the one supplying the brains, though he’s also the one infecting people and making a lot of money off of selling them food. While his story and Liv’s only intersect a few times over the course of the season, there is always a tension going on since you see what he’s up to and know it’s pretty horrible.

Of course the people in Liv’s life slowly gets caught up in the zombie world. I am interested to see where season 2 goes with Liv’s relations with her friends and family. She has an interesting dynamic with them, what with her actually being more open about life as a zombie than when she was alive.

I feel her brother and mother were underutilized, though, and the sub-plot with the brother didn’t pan out as well as it could. Of course, that could just be a setup for the second season. If Blaine comes back and makes him a zombie, that’ll be a proper whoa moment.

As for the crime of the week, they always keep Liv’s ability to see the memories of people she ate relevant. And each week, she gets some new personality quirks based on whomever she ate. It’s really fun to watch and brings something new to each episode. At times, it even pulls off a really sad moment because of her meals delusional tendencies.

Because her memory abilities are always there, it keeps her zombie-ism at the front of the show, even if she doesn’t go into zombie mode all that often. And the zombie plot that’s ongoing pretty much means you won’t mistake this for just some normal crime procedural show.

I really enjoy iZombie. It’s fun, funny and can hit the serious points when it needs to.


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