Crime Dramas Season Finale Roundup

Yeah, I’m going to jam all of them in here since I don’t think I have a huge amount to say on them. iZombie’s going to get its own post later, once the first season is over. I do enjoy that show alot.

NCIS: This might be me being super weird, but I did not find the subject matter of the of the finale (child terrorists) all that shocking. Still, I enjoy the characters and the way they interact. I would like to see more of Delilah. And I really liked Ned.

NCIS Los Angeles: This show is always more of a spy thriller than a crime procedural like the other two NCIS’s. Not the most exciting season finale around, but it was alright. I do wonder if Hetty is intentionally misleading Callen about his father. She did take over for Eric, after all. Eric might have found Callen’s father.

NCIS New Orleans: The newest show in teh NCIS family. The style of this one is a lot more like NCIS original, with an older main character that teaches the younger youngs. Agent Pride has that sort of friendliness that I enjoy while still being serious. And I like how much they cook and eat in the series. Heh, weird thing to point out, yeah, but that’s what I enjoy. It does make some cool uses of the city of New Orleans, giving us nice shots of the place. And the show keeps up the interesting back and forth play bickering between characters well.

CSI: Aww, a long running show is coming to an end, I hear. Though I guess when pretty much every original character is gone, it might be time to move on. I always did enjoy Ted Danson’s character of DB.

CSI: Cyber: If there’s any proof that the CSI series takes place in the future, it would be those full room hologram crime scenes. It’s a pretty cool series, and I’m glad they toned down on the computerized effects later on. It’s different from other crime shows in that the perpetrator of the crime sometimes doesn’t show up until we already know who it is. That’s the nature crime over the internet. And this show is making me more paranoid than ever. Also, the character of Avery Ryan somehow feels more motherly than a team leader. It’s mostly down to her tone of voice, I feel.

Castle: I think this show plays around with the most interesting setup for cases. Some not in this season, but Mars, zombies, magicians, planes, yeah, I think they’re having fun. There is still a bit of mystery left with what happened to Castle on his disappearance, which I hope will get revealed. As for the season finale, it was alright. The ending was great, though. Just a gathering of all the main characters having fun and looking great. Though is their video and computer specialist considered a main character now? She could use some focuse outside of her work scenes if that’s the case.

Elementary: I enjoyed the first half, when they had Kitty on. The second half went back more to normal between Sherlock and Joan. This season didn’t have that archnemesis feeling the other 2 did. Also, random note my preference for Sherlocks out of the recent ones shown: Benedict Cumberbatch first. Tie between Johnny Lee Miller and Robert Downey Junior. For Watsons: Jude Law. Lucy Liu. Martin Freeman. Rage on.

With so many crime dramas, I feel like I’m forgetting one. Well, I’ll add that in later if I think of it.


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