Gotham, Season Finale

Okay, so this one is going to be super late due to me pushing it back for other shows. I guess this might be a sign of how much I enjoyed it compared to others.

So thus wrapped up the first season of Gotham, the show about the city rather and Ben Gordon. This show is about just how messed up the city of Gotham is and how bad it will get before Bruce Wayne finally grows up to become the Batman. What we have are ordinary police, scared and corrupt, working to take down organized crime and a whole slew of crazy people that are already around.

While I like the atmosphere set up by the show, it is on the more serious and dark side for me. The cases of the week still end up with a more happy resolution than not, but a lot of bad stuff happens to random people for no real reason other than people be crazy in Gotham.

For the second half of the season, too many storylines start running concurrently that each episode has to show each of them, even for just a minute or so. It’s almost like the actors are contracted to appear in so many episodes. Let’s see, towards the end of the season, there is the main Gordon and Bullock story. Fish escaping from her prison. Penguin and his dealings with Falcone and Maroni. Nygma and his crush on Ms. Kringle. What Selina Kyle is up to. What Barbara is up to. And of course, Bruce Wayne and Alfred. They even stopped showing most of the police procedures just because there’s no time for it. There way too many storylines going on at once. Hopefully they tone it down for next season, if there is one.

And the season finale. Great scott Batman everyone’s gone crazy. Do the comic books say great scott? Or was that something else? If it was something else, I apologize. Anyway, that finale. The mobsters devolve into screaming and just bashing the crap out of each other. Some other people go crazy, too. One of which is Edward Nygma, no real surprise. The other might be a suprise depending on how much of the series you watched.

I do enjoy Harvey Bullock a lot in the show. Not being a comic reader, I didn’t even know of him until now, but I do like his sour-but-still-going-to-help-out style. And their version of Alfred is pretty cool, too. I think the show would benefit greatly from not having so many dang storylines. Some characters even just disappeared after the first half of the season without a real reason.

Yeah, Gotham could use more tightness.


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