Once Upon a Time, Season Finale

Ah, my first season of the fairy tale show, Once Upon a time. This will mainly cover the second half of the season, up to the season finale. If you want to read my thoughts about the first half, go here. Now then, on to the second half, the Queens of Darkness!

Now, as I’ve mentioned, this is my first season of Once Upon a Time. I have not watched it before. I do have an idea of what happened in earlier seasons based on my readings. Was the show always so Disney? I mean, I really like it, but I have no idea how fans of the previous season will take it. The show provides a more grown-up (you could say?) look at the heroes and villains of the Disney universe. The second half of the season things got really meta with Villains actively trying to reshape thier perpetual disposition to losing by finding the author of the stories. I won’t say much about the author as that contain spoilers.

As for the Queens of Darkness, Ursala, Cruella and Maleficent, they each got their own invididual episodes, which I enjoyed. It showed of their motivations and gave a spin to their stories. As a group, though, they largely felt unthreatening to the heroes. Ursala wasn’t that bad. She didn’t seem to have much to do and had her problems solved pretty early into the second half.

I did enjoy Cruella’s mannerisms a lot. She had that snarky not afraid of anything attitude. The more modern ways she goes about things were fun to watch. Her having a cool car definitely helped. And then she got really creepy.

Maleficent is definitely the most important one out of the Queens of Darkness, and the scary part is that she’s pretty justified in her hatred of the heroes. There was a great scene of hers, which I will spoil. It pretty early into the second half, having to do with bringing her back. All through the episode. there was this ring-like object that the other two queens were using to bring Maleficent back. No big suprise, it was all a trick for the heroes. But then! But then at the end of the episode, it revealed just what the ring-like object was. It was a pacifier for Maleficent’s baby. That scene just really got me.

I’m not sure if this was in all seasons, but Once Upon a Time seems to solve problems too fast. I do wish they got into more confrontations with the Queens of Darkness, though it might not be the show’s style. What they do have is some sparks of great scenes and it’s fun to see the Disney characters interact.

And I was rather glad to see certain old characters returning, since I didn’t have the pleasure of watching them work the first time around.

So it’s some fairy tale fun. I think it could use more action, but that’s just me. It’s probably fine the way it is. I do find the inclusion of Will in the season pretty wasted. He was there, did nothing for pretty much all of it. Hope he’ll get something important next season.


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