Agents of SHIELD, Season Finale

Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD is ovah! And it had a doozy of a two part finale. Season 2 continues the great long story based thing that happened towards the end of season 1. Instead of taking on a random case each episode, the team is always scrambling to face off against the threat of Hydra, trickery of Ward or rage of Skye’s father. Everything connected together and made for one long, interesting story.

Things really kicked off once the second half started and Skye was revealed to be an Inhuman, as her father has always said. Also, just like the first season, there was a quick tie-in with the Marvel movie released this year, Age of Ultron. It didn’t completely change the tone of the story, but it was cool. Sure, people watching the episode even one month from the time the movie was released might not understand what’s happening, but it was a pretty cool scene just to set up a larger Marvel universe.

I will have to say that Cal, Skye’s father, is my favorite character for the season. He has that barely controlled rage that can turn really happy whenever he’s around his daughter and then back to really angry. At the start, he was just a plain nuisance, but his story path through the season was really good. And I’m glad he got the outcome he did. He was just fun to watch overall from how he approaches his enemies to his attempts at bonding with his daughter.

Team Coulson was all dealing with things that happened at the end of the previous season. The tone overall is darker this season with the humorous parts being forced by the team just so they have something to laugh about. The new additions to the team are pretty fun, Agent Hunter especially. Team interactions were strained, but they slowly got back into the jive of things. And I’m glad that despite all that’s happened between Fitz and Simmons, the two of them still work really well together, such as when Fitz decided to leave the base towards the second half.

As for the finale, it was great with fights, special powers and emotional moments. Someone really needs to give Coulson a hand after all the stuff he’s had to handle. I won’t reveal what’s happened, but suffice it to say it’s a worthy conclusion to a season’s worth of buildup.

Season 2 comes in hot with action, tension and high stakes in a majority of the episodes. It’s like the best parts of Season 1 and doesn’t slow down.


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