Forever, Season Finale

Forever has just wrapped up its first season. And my heart is quivering because the rating’s aren’t as high as some of the other shows around. I really enjoy Forever. It has a main character with wit and charm, something I like to see.

The premise of the show is that there that Doctor Henry Morgan cannot die. Every time he does, he reappears back to life in a nearby body of water. That means he has been around for about 200 hundred years. He decide to work as a NYC Coroner to study death and maybe find a cure to his condition. The long life gives him the insight and life experience needed to solve crimes. So this would be a sort of supernatural crime procedural.

So as with all these crime shows, the cases are really secondary to the characters. Because for the cases, either you’ll have seen some variation of it before or you know its the famous non-main character guy. Now at the start of the season, Henry Morgan dies a lot during the cases. This gets less and less as the season goes on. I don’t mind that so much. It’s better than forcing in a strange death every episode. That would be They Killed Kenny levels of crazy. The main overarching storyline is that there is a second immortal running amok, one that is not quite so nice as Henry.

Henry I like watching work. He has the insight of Sherlock Holmes, but that comes at having seen way too much rather than pure brain working on a whole other level. He is polite and has mannerisms more befitting to the 1800s. A true gentlemen all around. The main police detective working with him is Jo Martinez. Out of all the characters, she seems to have the least quirks. Her character is the more serious one but still not devoid of some humor.

The rest of the characters, Henry’s son, the secondary police detective, are all pretty fun to watch. I particularly enjoy Lucas (the assistant coroner). He idolizes and admires the more withdrawn Henry and is always trying to make friends. Slowly, over the course of the season, Henry learns to live life again instead of just watching it go by.

It’s just a charming show with a supernatural twist to the whole thing. And I really like it’s style.

Oh, Forever, I hope you’re around for more than just one season at least.


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