Avengers 2 and the MCU

Well hello there. So, you want to know about the Avengers 2, Age of Ultron? Well, have you seen Avengers 1? At least 2 other MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movies? Then go see this!

Avengers 2 has a more serious tone than Avengers 1 but it still contains a lot of those Joss Whedon styles. Everyone has their sarcastic tendencies with comedic timing and witty banter in the face of danger. But there are also the solemn scenes that build up characters by making them reflect on their past actions. It is a great blend in the middle of an awesome super hero movie.

The new additions to the cast are all great. Ultron has that kind of affable nature while being crazy. The Maximoff twins go through a lot of thinking over the course of the movie. Klaue shows some gumption in his scene, and he might be back for a Black Panther movie.

As for the old cast, they certainly upped Captain America’s badass factor by 10. They also put a lot more into Hawkeye to show that even the Avengers need the normal guy. The other characters all got their own stories and development over the course of the film. Some felt a bit short or cut off, but that’s what’s going to happen when there are a lot of characters.

Now I’m going to talk a bit about the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. Marvel has made something great here. I was never into the comics. I think it’s partly due to having too many different universes and authors doing the same characters. Add that to multiple people taking on the same mantel. Yikes. Now I am probably making it more complicated than it really is, but I like the one continuity of the films. Everything is part of the larger universe.

This is just a quick list of my movies from most liked to least liked.

Guardians of the Galaxy. Sorry Avengers, but space epics are my jam. And space epics with trees and talking raccoons? Yep.

Avengers 2. It has everything of the first avengers and more!

Avengers 1. I like ensemble shows. Sensing that pattern?

Thor. It has that kind of fantasy tech feel and some pretty great scenes.

Captain America: Winter Soldier. This is the one that brought back the threat of Hydra and changed SHIELD.

Iron Man. The one that started it all. The connection there was more subtle and probably just a dream before it became really successful.

Iron Man 3. It was cool. I enjoyed seeing a whole swarm of Iron Men.

Thor 2. It has some fun dark elf invasions.

Iron Man 2. I really enjoyed Hammer and Vanko’s interactions.

Captain America. Sorry, Cap, but the Hydra presented in this movie didn’t feel like much of a threat at all. The Red Skull was pretty much always running once Captain America was on the scene.

Hulk. I am not sure what it is about the solo Hulk movies. Maybe it’s because he is always dealing with the same problem of Banner fighting the Hulk. Go watch Frozen or something, man.

As for the tv shows, I really enjoy Agents of SHIELD. It has some cool connections to the movies, too. I do not have Netflix *gasp* so I cannot see the Netflix original Marvel series. I do want to, though.

Next up, I am going to see Ant-Man! At this point, Marvel would have to release several sub-par movies to get me to not go see them.

Also, spoilers:



Thanos is finally off his chair! Oh snap.


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