Milly, the Mountain Province, Characters

Ah, this will be the final part of my design notes on Dorr, the Mountain Province. This will be about the characters that Milly meets during her adventures in their.

King of Dorr. Well, he is the King of Dorr. I don’t have a name for him. Maybe if he comes back in a later book, I’ll come up with one. He’s supposed to be an aloof type of King, one that cares about his people but doesn’t let it show. I don’t have too much about him. I think he wasn’t in the original plan. The King really is just a way to get Milly to the actual antagonist of the book.

Thinking on it now, he’s just like the King’s that heroes get their quests from.

Third Duke of Dorr, Geriss. So, since he’s the third duke, does that mean there are dukes one and two? Why yes it does. Weill they become characters later? Who knows!

My plan was never to have him be a bad guy. The people of Dorr still like him. Really, it’s only Milly and Carl that has a problem with him. He and Soarwidhe are friends, though Geriss is just too focused on the Sessa way of doing things. It does run at odds with the Dragon way of life. They both do care for each other.

Also, I had him give Soarwidhe a hoard of gold to sleep on just because we all know dragon’s love hoarding gold. Well, not in my book, but all of the gold is soothing to Soarwidhe.

Otherwise, the Third Duke is just sort of a loner. That’s why his keep is so far out of the way. Soarwidhe really was his first friend. The other sessa in the keep are his servants.

Nathootha. I would have to say she is my favorite Sessa character of this book. Her name actually comes from the game Brave Frontier. There is a weapon in their called the Batootha. I kind of like the way it rolls of the tongue. It’s sort of smooth and awkward at the same time. So her name was just modified a bit.

She has that uncertain fear about doing things but will stay and help out her friends as much as she can.

Nathootha serves the same role as Chrillo in this book, a guide for Milly as she goes through the land. Maybe she’ll be a recurring character like how I plan to have Chrillo show up again in future books.

Rock Giants. I didn’t give them much individual personality. Probably because they are too slow to show it in the page time they received! Heh. They are nice and reasonable if you would just talk to them, though.


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