Crime Dramas Season Finale Roundup

Yeah, I’m going to jam all of them in here since I don’t think I have a huge amount to say on them. iZombie’s going to get its own post later, once the first season is over. I do enjoy that show alot.

NCIS: This might be me being super weird, but I did not find the subject matter of the of the finale (child terrorists) all that shocking. Still, I enjoy the characters and the way they interact. I would like to see more of Delilah. And I really liked Ned.

NCIS Los Angeles: This show is always more of a spy thriller than a crime procedural like the other two NCIS’s. Not the most exciting season finale around, but it was alright. I do wonder if Hetty is intentionally misleading Callen about his father. She did take over for Eric, after all. Eric might have found Callen’s father.

NCIS New Orleans: The newest show in teh NCIS family. The style of this one is a lot more like NCIS original, with an older main character that teaches the younger youngs. Agent Pride has that sort of friendliness that I enjoy while still being serious. And I like how much they cook and eat in the series. Heh, weird thing to point out, yeah, but that’s what I enjoy. It does make some cool uses of the city of New Orleans, giving us nice shots of the place. And the show keeps up the interesting back and forth play bickering between characters well.

CSI: Aww, a long running show is coming to an end, I hear. Though I guess when pretty much every original character is gone, it might be time to move on. I always did enjoy Ted Danson’s character of DB.

CSI: Cyber: If there’s any proof that the CSI series takes place in the future, it would be those full room hologram crime scenes. It’s a pretty cool series, and I’m glad they toned down on the computerized effects later on. It’s different from other crime shows in that the perpetrator of the crime sometimes doesn’t show up until we already know who it is. That’s the nature crime over the internet. And this show is making me more paranoid than ever. Also, the character of Avery Ryan somehow feels more motherly than a team leader. It’s mostly down to her tone of voice, I feel.

Castle: I think this show plays around with the most interesting setup for cases. Some not in this season, but Mars, zombies, magicians, planes, yeah, I think they’re having fun. There is still a bit of mystery left with what happened to Castle on his disappearance, which I hope will get revealed. As for the season finale, it was alright. The ending was great, though. Just a gathering of all the main characters having fun and looking great. Though is their video and computer specialist considered a main character now? She could use some focuse outside of her work scenes if that’s the case.

Elementary: I enjoyed the first half, when they had Kitty on. The second half went back more to normal between Sherlock and Joan. This season didn’t have that archnemesis feeling the other 2 did. Also, random note my preference for Sherlocks out of the recent ones shown: Benedict Cumberbatch first. Tie between Johnny Lee Miller and Robert Downey Junior. For Watsons: Jude Law. Lucy Liu. Martin Freeman. Rage on.

With so many crime dramas, I feel like I’m forgetting one. Well, I’ll add that in later if I think of it.

Gotham, Season Finale

Okay, so this one is going to be super late due to me pushing it back for other shows. I guess this might be a sign of how much I enjoyed it compared to others.

So thus wrapped up the first season of Gotham, the show about the city rather and Ben Gordon. This show is about just how messed up the city of Gotham is and how bad it will get before Bruce Wayne finally grows up to become the Batman. What we have are ordinary police, scared and corrupt, working to take down organized crime and a whole slew of crazy people that are already around.

While I like the atmosphere set up by the show, it is on the more serious and dark side for me. The cases of the week still end up with a more happy resolution than not, but a lot of bad stuff happens to random people for no real reason other than people be crazy in Gotham.

For the second half of the season, too many storylines start running concurrently that each episode has to show each of them, even for just a minute or so. It’s almost like the actors are contracted to appear in so many episodes. Let’s see, towards the end of the season, there is the main Gordon and Bullock story. Fish escaping from her prison. Penguin and his dealings with Falcone and Maroni. Nygma and his crush on Ms. Kringle. What Selina Kyle is up to. What Barbara is up to. And of course, Bruce Wayne and Alfred. They even stopped showing most of the police procedures just because there’s no time for it. There way too many storylines going on at once. Hopefully they tone it down for next season, if there is one.

And the season finale. Great scott Batman everyone’s gone crazy. Do the comic books say great scott? Or was that something else? If it was something else, I apologize. Anyway, that finale. The mobsters devolve into screaming and just bashing the crap out of each other. Some other people go crazy, too. One of which is Edward Nygma, no real surprise. The other might be a suprise depending on how much of the series you watched.

I do enjoy Harvey Bullock a lot in the show. Not being a comic reader, I didn’t even know of him until now, but I do like his sour-but-still-going-to-help-out style. And their version of Alfred is pretty cool, too. I think the show would benefit greatly from not having so many dang storylines. Some characters even just disappeared after the first half of the season without a real reason.

Yeah, Gotham could use more tightness.

Once Upon a Time, Season Finale

Ah, my first season of the fairy tale show, Once Upon a time. This will mainly cover the second half of the season, up to the season finale. If you want to read my thoughts about the first half, go here. Now then, on to the second half, the Queens of Darkness!

Now, as I’ve mentioned, this is my first season of Once Upon a Time. I have not watched it before. I do have an idea of what happened in earlier seasons based on my readings. Was the show always so Disney? I mean, I really like it, but I have no idea how fans of the previous season will take it. The show provides a more grown-up (you could say?) look at the heroes and villains of the Disney universe. The second half of the season things got really meta with Villains actively trying to reshape thier perpetual disposition to losing by finding the author of the stories. I won’t say much about the author as that contain spoilers.

As for the Queens of Darkness, Ursala, Cruella and Maleficent, they each got their own invididual episodes, which I enjoyed. It showed of their motivations and gave a spin to their stories. As a group, though, they largely felt unthreatening to the heroes. Ursala wasn’t that bad. She didn’t seem to have much to do and had her problems solved pretty early into the second half.

I did enjoy Cruella’s mannerisms a lot. She had that snarky not afraid of anything attitude. The more modern ways she goes about things were fun to watch. Her having a cool car definitely helped. And then she got really creepy.

Maleficent is definitely the most important one out of the Queens of Darkness, and the scary part is that she’s pretty justified in her hatred of the heroes. There was a great scene of hers, which I will spoil. It pretty early into the second half, having to do with bringing her back. All through the episode. there was this ring-like object that the other two queens were using to bring Maleficent back. No big suprise, it was all a trick for the heroes. But then! But then at the end of the episode, it revealed just what the ring-like object was. It was a pacifier for Maleficent’s baby. That scene just really got me.

I’m not sure if this was in all seasons, but Once Upon a Time seems to solve problems too fast. I do wish they got into more confrontations with the Queens of Darkness, though it might not be the show’s style. What they do have is some sparks of great scenes and it’s fun to see the Disney characters interact.

And I was rather glad to see certain old characters returning, since I didn’t have the pleasure of watching them work the first time around.

So it’s some fairy tale fun. I think it could use more action, but that’s just me. It’s probably fine the way it is. I do find the inclusion of Will in the season pretty wasted. He was there, did nothing for pretty much all of it. Hope he’ll get something important next season.

Agents of SHIELD, Season Finale

Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD is ovah! And it had a doozy of a two part finale. Season 2 continues the great long story based thing that happened towards the end of season 1. Instead of taking on a random case each episode, the team is always scrambling to face off against the threat of Hydra, trickery of Ward or rage of Skye’s father. Everything connected together and made for one long, interesting story.

Things really kicked off once the second half started and Skye was revealed to be an Inhuman, as her father has always said. Also, just like the first season, there was a quick tie-in with the Marvel movie released this year, Age of Ultron. It didn’t completely change the tone of the story, but it was cool. Sure, people watching the episode even one month from the time the movie was released might not understand what’s happening, but it was a pretty cool scene just to set up a larger Marvel universe.

I will have to say that Cal, Skye’s father, is my favorite character for the season. He has that barely controlled rage that can turn really happy whenever he’s around his daughter and then back to really angry. At the start, he was just a plain nuisance, but his story path through the season was really good. And I’m glad he got the outcome he did. He was just fun to watch overall from how he approaches his enemies to his attempts at bonding with his daughter.

Team Coulson was all dealing with things that happened at the end of the previous season. The tone overall is darker this season with the humorous parts being forced by the team just so they have something to laugh about. The new additions to the team are pretty fun, Agent Hunter especially. Team interactions were strained, but they slowly got back into the jive of things. And I’m glad that despite all that’s happened between Fitz and Simmons, the two of them still work really well together, such as when Fitz decided to leave the base towards the second half.

As for the finale, it was great with fights, special powers and emotional moments. Someone really needs to give Coulson a hand after all the stuff he’s had to handle. I won’t reveal what’s happened, but suffice it to say it’s a worthy conclusion to a season’s worth of buildup.

Season 2 comes in hot with action, tension and high stakes in a majority of the episodes. It’s like the best parts of Season 1 and doesn’t slow down.

Forever, Season Finale

Forever has just wrapped up its first season. And my heart is quivering because the rating’s aren’t as high as some of the other shows around. I really enjoy Forever. It has a main character with wit and charm, something I like to see.

The premise of the show is that there that Doctor Henry Morgan cannot die. Every time he does, he reappears back to life in a nearby body of water. That means he has been around for about 200 hundred years. He decide to work as a NYC Coroner to study death and maybe find a cure to his condition. The long life gives him the insight and life experience needed to solve crimes. So this would be a sort of supernatural crime procedural.

So as with all these crime shows, the cases are really secondary to the characters. Because for the cases, either you’ll have seen some variation of it before or you know its the famous non-main character guy. Now at the start of the season, Henry Morgan dies a lot during the cases. This gets less and less as the season goes on. I don’t mind that so much. It’s better than forcing in a strange death every episode. That would be They Killed Kenny levels of crazy. The main overarching storyline is that there is a second immortal running amok, one that is not quite so nice as Henry.

Henry I like watching work. He has the insight of Sherlock Holmes, but that comes at having seen way too much rather than pure brain working on a whole other level. He is polite and has mannerisms more befitting to the 1800s. A true gentlemen all around. The main police detective working with him is Jo Martinez. Out of all the characters, she seems to have the least quirks. Her character is the more serious one but still not devoid of some humor.

The rest of the characters, Henry’s son, the secondary police detective, are all pretty fun to watch. I particularly enjoy Lucas (the assistant coroner). He idolizes and admires the more withdrawn Henry and is always trying to make friends. Slowly, over the course of the season, Henry learns to live life again instead of just watching it go by.

It’s just a charming show with a supernatural twist to the whole thing. And I really like it’s style.

Oh, Forever, I hope you’re around for more than just one season at least.

Backstrom Season Finale

Remember what I said about why I liked the Murdoch Mysteries? Because the main character is smart well beyond his peers yet he is polite and affable? Well Backstrom is the opposite of that. Among all the asshole super smart detectives, he might be the most assholish out of all of them. Yet, he is the one that is forced to work with an entire team of people and has several others that care about him.

So, who is Backstrom first of all? He is (possibly) the best murder detective in the Portland PD. He got demoted due to health reasons but was recently promoted to lead his own task force that solves the toughest cases. And he is an addict to pretty much everything but drugs.

Much of the show is about how much Backstrom can get away with his people-hating/alienating antics while his team work to keep the case on track. Now while Backstrom is a huge asshole, there is something that keeps him from being an unlikeable protagonist. I think it’s the small times when he’s completely wrong, or when he does allow his team to take credit when they do good work. That keeps all of Backstrom from being too out there.

As with most crime shows, you really should watch for the team interaction. There’s not many cases that will be so out there or surprising, so it’s all about the small twists thrown in by the characters. I do like Backstrom and the team.

The team are all pretty interesting. I know it doesn’t feel that way since I refer to them as ‘The Team’, but I do enjoy seeing just how exasperated Gravely can get with Backstrom. Or how Moto’s mind works.

As for the season finale, it has a great scene with Backstrom at the end and a nice callback to his catch phrase. But I’m not so sure about his vendetta against his father. Maybe I missed an episode, but Blue (Backstrom’s dad) doesn’t seem that bad from what we’ve seen of him. Sure, he’s far from perfect and is willing to break some laws to get things done, but that’s nothing that Backstrom doesn’t do. This has to do with the watcher not having Backstrom’s lifetime of experience dealing with his dad, but then they need to show it more rather than just having Backstrom tell the watchers about it.

Still, Backstrom is entertaining in just how far it’s main character will go to do his job and how it drags his entire team along with him. If you are tired of nice-guy cops (though that’s getting rarer on television) Backstrom is bad down to his tubby gut.

Avengers 2 and the MCU

Well hello there. So, you want to know about the Avengers 2, Age of Ultron? Well, have you seen Avengers 1? At least 2 other MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movies? Then go see this!

Avengers 2 has a more serious tone than Avengers 1 but it still contains a lot of those Joss Whedon styles. Everyone has their sarcastic tendencies with comedic timing and witty banter in the face of danger. But there are also the solemn scenes that build up characters by making them reflect on their past actions. It is a great blend in the middle of an awesome super hero movie.

The new additions to the cast are all great. Ultron has that kind of affable nature while being crazy. The Maximoff twins go through a lot of thinking over the course of the movie. Klaue shows some gumption in his scene, and he might be back for a Black Panther movie.

As for the old cast, they certainly upped Captain America’s badass factor by 10. They also put a lot more into Hawkeye to show that even the Avengers need the normal guy. The other characters all got their own stories and development over the course of the film. Some felt a bit short or cut off, but that’s what’s going to happen when there are a lot of characters.

Now I’m going to talk a bit about the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. Marvel has made something great here. I was never into the comics. I think it’s partly due to having too many different universes and authors doing the same characters. Add that to multiple people taking on the same mantel. Yikes. Now I am probably making it more complicated than it really is, but I like the one continuity of the films. Everything is part of the larger universe.

This is just a quick list of my movies from most liked to least liked.

Guardians of the Galaxy. Sorry Avengers, but space epics are my jam. And space epics with trees and talking raccoons? Yep.

Avengers 2. It has everything of the first avengers and more!

Avengers 1. I like ensemble shows. Sensing that pattern?

Thor. It has that kind of fantasy tech feel and some pretty great scenes.

Captain America: Winter Soldier. This is the one that brought back the threat of Hydra and changed SHIELD.

Iron Man. The one that started it all. The connection there was more subtle and probably just a dream before it became really successful.

Iron Man 3. It was cool. I enjoyed seeing a whole swarm of Iron Men.

Thor 2. It has some fun dark elf invasions.

Iron Man 2. I really enjoyed Hammer and Vanko’s interactions.

Captain America. Sorry, Cap, but the Hydra presented in this movie didn’t feel like much of a threat at all. The Red Skull was pretty much always running once Captain America was on the scene.

Hulk. I am not sure what it is about the solo Hulk movies. Maybe it’s because he is always dealing with the same problem of Banner fighting the Hulk. Go watch Frozen or something, man.

As for the tv shows, I really enjoy Agents of SHIELD. It has some cool connections to the movies, too. I do not have Netflix *gasp* so I cannot see the Netflix original Marvel series. I do want to, though.

Next up, I am going to see Ant-Man! At this point, Marvel would have to release several sub-par movies to get me to not go see them.

Also, spoilers:



Thanos is finally off his chair! Oh snap.