Scorpion, Season Finale

The season finale to the new show, Scorpion aired recently! Well, taken into account when you read this, it might not be all that recent. Anyway, Scorpion is about a team of geniuses that can’t function well enough to pay their electric bills. That’s when an old government friend of the team leader shows up to offer them a job, turn them into special consultants. In the first episode, they bring in a normal woman so she could help them not piss off every client and they can help her with her genius son. Thus, Scorpion is born.

I have to say, everything in this show is jacked up in terms of how complex it is to do certain things. Like, all the failsafes fail and opening a door takes some super hacking and special contraption to do. The universe is conspiring to have everything break in the worst ways possible just so a normal person would have no idea how to fix the thing.

And then the actual people with the guns and the fighting knowledge all either get sidelined or incapacitated, thus the Scorpion team, unarmed and untrained (except for their government pal) has to handle the dangerous parts as well.

The first episode of felt much to manic. They had too much to set up, needing every character to do something important. Later episodes could slow thing down a bit and turned out better. They had a variety of interesting cases, as well with some that even had no bad guy, such as saving a kid from a cave or rescuing people stranded out in the woods. Of course the difficulty of the tasks gets ramped way up.

There were plenty of cases with bad guys, too, and they faced opposition ranging from hackers to terrorists to other geniuses. There is a definite variety to the kinds of missions that gets handed to them.

There is a slow growth of the characters that go through the season. It’s the subplot in each episode but the overall plot that ties everything together. Each genius is quirky in their own way and each gets some fun scenes. The second plot is between the Team Leader and their Government Pal (yes, I’m using that as their pronouns now) and what happened between them as they used to be friends.

I feel the the character moments works well and just enough is sprinkled throughout. Still, thinking back on the cases, a whole lot of stuff goes wrong or gets worse solely to justify needing a team of geniuses. I predict soon, there will be an episode with traffic congestion and they need to hotwire a train to get somewhere in time. Because geniuses gotta do things the hard way.

Fun show, though.


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